Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out!

I always have something good to say about Courtney Trouble’s movies. Whether it’s about the insanely hot fucking or even about the song choice, I can easily go on and on about how excited I am. This time is different. It’s not that I didn’t love on a ton of things in this flick… it’s that I am speechless. Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out is just that good. Screw seven minutes; this was more like 1 hour and 58 minutes of heaven for me.

Featuring seven newbie performers with seven diverse bodies and personalities, this queer sex romp chronicles what happens when you let a game of spin the bottle evolve into a natural experience of pairing off debauchery. And with Courtney Trouble behind the helm, you know you are getting the full story of real sex, real passion and a whole hell of a lot of real queer fun! I would swoon if I wasn’t already plum tuckered out from watching!

I’m not gonna lie – I seriously loved each of the eleven scenes this movie had to offer. In classic Trouble fashion, I never felt like I was watching porn really. To me, her movies are watching sex. Unscripted, unapologetic and totally fucking hot. It’s watching how I fuck on screen. And for that, I know I, for one, am grateful. Anyway, onward to the actual sexin’!

I have to pick a few scenes to talk about, because if I try to hit all eleven, my brain will explode with pleasure overload. The first scene that totally blew my mind was scene four. Carson gives Puck Goodfellow (and what a good fellow he is!) a blowjob lesson as they both strap-on and strap-in for an amazingly hot instructional romp. Not only are the two on screen totally smokin’, the room seems to be ablaze with various pairs getting busy off camera. I love that we can hear all the other folks moaning, groaning and getting off while we watch these two jerking their silicone cocks off.

I guess I just have Puck on the brain, because my next stand out scene (seven) features Goodfellow again, this time fucking Sophie, a tattooed chocolate mama with biceps of steel. The pair is super giggly and cute as they make out and disrobe, with Sophie showing only the slightest bit of nervous excitement, which I find totally endearing. I think my favorite part of the scene is actually when they are getting redressed at the end, chatting and giggling even more. There is something to be said for the non-sex parts of porn having the same effect as the sexy parts. They both raise my blood pressure.

And again with the Goodfellow! Is anyone detecting a pattern? Scene nine brings us a nice big orgy romp in the form of Truth or Dare. Of course we’ve got Puck again, but everyone else as well, including Carson, Joline, Sarah, Sophie, Tina and Jae. The game starts off with pizza eating (off of a body) and turns into a four person strap-on extravaganza with Puck, Sarah, Sophie and Carson sharing one big bed. Sophie asked to be fucked with a strap-on, and fucked she is – by all three of them! Man, oh man, these kinky games are totally working in everyone’s favor this night!

Along with all the fucking and giggling, each of the performers took the time to talk to the camera when full dressed to chat about what the experience was like and what they thought. Their honest conversations and candid displays of vulnerability while talking about their first porn experiences totally turned this movie from a super duper hot queer fuck feast into a movie that I flat out recommend for all my friends. And coming from a porn reviewer, that’s not too shabby.

-J.D. Bauchery

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