Seven Minutes In Heaven 2: Tender Hearted

With both the first and the third volumes of the  series firmly under my porno review belt, I figured that it was high time to spend a little time lovin’ on part two.  To give a quick recap of this set of sexy videos, they are super hot queer porno flicks by .  Picture that junior high game you used to play and add a triple X to the action.  These folks really are having seven minutes in heaven!  Yum!  Just as the old standard game is played, the group sits in a circle and spins a bottle to decide who is smoochin ‘on whom.  And by “smoochin’” we totally mean getting their fuck on, of course.

Spending time in heaven in this second volume are , , and  – each of which are performing in their second porn ever.   and don’t mention how many videos they’ve shot, but this is both , and ’s debut movies.  How exciting is that?  When I watch my favorite porn performers doing their thing, I don’t generally think about what their first porno shoot looked like, but seeing Akira (who is most definitely one of my favs) in this newbie light… well, it’s pretty hot.  But don’t think that I mean she is shy or acts all new about things – no sir, this girl is fierce from the first minute, and totally fucks like a champ in a bunch of scenes.  The first with her and Chocolate Chip is MEGA steamy.  Two gritty femmes getting it on is a personal fantasy, so really, it blew my mind in so many good ways.

Cyd, James and Red together is just an amazing gender blender of awesomeness with queerness reigning supreme.  I don’t really know what that means, but it is the best, full of laughter and held together with lube, spit and cum – just the way I like it!  I love when people’s gender identities are validated and respected, and they are fucked six ways til Sunday in whatever way that they enjoy pleasure.

I won’t go into every sexy combination they explore, but just know that they are all fucking hot!  I also really love that we don’t only get a quick intro to each person before the sex starts, there are lots of small interviews and asides throughout the movie, including a DIY dental dam tutorial from Puck Goodfellow.  The whole film is relaxed, fun and seriously hot without trying to fit into the ‘porno movie mold.’  Oh man do I love indie, queer, feminist porn!  Another gem from Courtney Trouble!

Oh, and warning if you are looking for  in this flick – they are just in it for a second, in a non-sex role!

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  1. hey can i tell you a sweet story about this movie since you’re reviewing it? its really sweet. the shoot day was really relaxed and chill, and after the seven person gangbang on Red (yes it happaned. and there was amazing fisting that got edited out but it’s on i kinda just said, “ok well i think we are done!” a little earlier than planned. i was writing up performance fee checks, and Puck and Akira came up to me and sweetly asked to do a scene together, that they really wanted to. NOW, on what porn set does that ever happen after wrapping set??!?! So SWEET! i have a big spot in my heart for this film and it often gets ignored. sophmore curse i guess! thanks for mentioning it! xoxo courtney

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