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Studio: Vivid Premium Category: By Women

I would say probably about half the mail that porn stars get is people asking them how to break into porn. While some stars never respond to their fans’ questions, others go above and beyond, and make a whole movie about it! That’s what director/star Dana DeArmond did to make this insanely long Vivid flick. DeArmond rocked both sides of the camera after choosing a few very special pen pals come over to the porno dark side and perform in her movie. Not only did Dana DeArmond fly around the country to meet these porno wannabes, she brought them out to LA to do their very first scenes! Among the bunch that are interviewed and followed through the experience only a few actually do the deed and make it to fucking on film. These include Andy San Dimas, Casper Vice, Apple McCall and Johnny Utah (who gets to fuck Dana in his scene).

What I loved most about this movie, besides all the interviews and giggliness, was that it was really real and you could tell that it was the newbies’ first times in porn. It felt like really high quality amateur porn, but way better because there was at least one pro in each scene. Out of the whole movie, my favorite first-timer was Andy San Dimas. Not only did she rock the scene like an old hand, but she was really funny and personable in the interviews. While most people might not care what the stars have to say, I definitely do and rate their likeability in the grand total of how hot I think they are. I also really liked Johnny Utah. He was adorably nervous and even had a difficult time getting hard. But alls well that ended well and he finally crossed that finish line, with thick streams of cum running down Dana’s smiling face.

-J.D. Bauchery

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  1. You’re absolutely right Rory, you are in the movie. I’m not sure how I missed that. I did this review a while ago, so I don’t remember now what happened, but I just rewatched and you are definitely there.

    Sorry about that! Review ammended!


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