Real Butch Dyke Lesbians

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Studio: Pleasure Productions Category: Lesbian – Dyke Porn

While in recent years dyke porn has become an ever increasing market with new videos popping up pretty frequently, it is still barely even a blip on the radar in the massive industry that is dirty movies. So really, it’s no wonder that I get so excited every time I get to check one out. Well, that and it’s usually insanely hot. Not only do I get off on watching hot dykes fuck, I get to see people that I identify with and watch the way that I fuck portrayed on the screen. Really, that’s the hottest part for me. And I’m not talking about delicate girl-on-girl action with long nails and polite climaxes – I mean hot queer chicks pounding into each other with strapped on cocks, pulling each other’s short hair and enjoying real, loud, amazing orgasms. I sweat even writing about it.

Real Butch Lesbian Dykes is such a great movie because it is just that, real butch lesbian dykes. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s more than three hours of dykes fucking, sucking, licking, biting, smacking… and the list could go on for days – where do I sign up?!? The whole ten scene flick is pretty awesome, but there were a few stand-out scenes that especially caught my attention. The movie’s opening hot wax and restraints threesome was not only incredibly hot, it included a differently-abled performer, which in porn is a rarity, unless exploiting or overemphasizing the person’s “disabilities.” But there was none of that here, just a perfect example of someone with a different body gettin’ busy and getting’ off just like anyone else. I also love love loved scene seven, a risqué romp with two butch hotties and lots of big strap-on cocks. And let’s not forget that their humping was totally sexy and safe. SO HOT! I will say that the weird text at the bottom of the screen and commercials during scene transitions were super distracting and frustrated me enough to fast forward. But really, if I let that dissuade me from watching this movie, I’d definitely be the one missing out.

-J.D. Bauchery

2 thoughts on “Real Butch Dyke Lesbians”

  1. Yay! I’m glad you reviewed this movie . . . I bought it used for like $5 a while back (before I knew about Hot Movies For Her!) and several scenes from it are still regular go-to’s- that yummy butch-butch scene you talked about, and what about the BBW femme in the motorcycle shop? Yowza!

    But yeah, the commercials and ads suck 🙁

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