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I have to admit to a certain geeky fascination with CGI porn. I love the graphics and the potential is there for some really otherworldly sex scenes and situations, not unlike Hentai. So of course I jumped at the chance to take a look at “Pornomation,” a fifty minute movie featuring various computer generated hardcore vignettes.

First – there’s one big problem with CGI porn that I’ve yet to see truly transcended beyond. It’s the models honey. It takes millions of dollars, and millions of hours to really get a computer generated person to look real enough. Slightly – off – models in a mainstream movie are bad enough but it’s a real boner breaker in your porn. As a modern porn watching audience, most of us are kind of used to breasts that don’t move much. But thinning hair on the female models and cocks that look they were created by people who didn’t want to look too closely, let alone fantasize about having one in their mouth? Not so much.

That said “Passage” had one of the nicest female models and they remembered to animate the breasts a little, a nice touch that made the fantasy Valkyrie sex far sexier to watch and less mechanical. And to be fair most of the vignettes in “Pornomation” didn’t feature really ‘human’ looking males to begin with. I have no complaints with the movie’s array of fantasy dongs – except that the robot could probably use a tune up.

“Night Hunters” was definitely one of my favorites in the series. Featuring the antics of two nymphs and one short chubby satyr, the ending has a twist that I definitely didn’t expect and the very non human look of the characters makes it easier to get into the scene. Instead of thinking ‘this looks off’ I found the completely inhuman look of the characters helped me suspend disbelief just enough to get into it.

Throughout “Pornomation” there are sequences of fantasy and science fiction concept art. It’s easy to spot the images that inspired the vignettes among them and they’re much more – fantastic – than the CGI scenes are. So unique, they really jump start the imagination in all kinds of sexy ways that the rest of the movie doesn’t. Later, the artist behind the images mentions that she hopes to stimulate both male and female desires with her work. Big bonus points right there. I have to admit her drawings had all the requisite hotness, for my tastes anyway.

At the end of the movie there’s a question and answer section with the creators that’s really cool for the geek in me – but does nothing for my libido. All in all, I’d call “Pornomation” true geek candy. The particularly geeky set will definitely get off on these, over and over again. For the rest of the world – it’s probably of the entertaining but not hot variety.


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  1. My husband and I greatly preferred Pornomation 2! Give it a watch sometime. It’s a single story so the CGI model is much improved.

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