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Since parodies seem to be all the rage in porn now-a-days, I decided to jump on the band wagon and look at an older parody of a less well known movie I enjoyed previously. “Pleasureville” doesn’t exactly follow the mainstream film’s plot far or at all, instead seeming to go for a basic parody of concept where a black and white world is turned into one of brilliant color.

“Pleasureville” has more of a light hearted comic feel than the original mainstream movie – beyond the black and white effect, it more closely resembles an episode of “Dragnet” than it does “Pleasantville.” Of course steering clear of complex character developments and societal commentary leaves plenty of room for more sex. And all the sex scenes are in full color, a mercy because the effects used to leave a single character in color while the rest are in black and white is sketchy at best, especially when the color character moves.

There are four solid sex scenes and one blow job scene in “Pleasurevile,” though for some reason they all missed the mark with me. Maybe it was the fake boobies (I’m not a fan) or maybe the frustration with the plot that made less and less sense as the film moved on. Or maybe it was the sense that everyone was trying really hard but no one was actually having a good time. The guys came and the girls made appropriate noises but none of the characters really seemed all that into it.

Sadly I can’t really recommend this movie for splooging or big O purposes. There’s full frontal nudity and full contact sexual situations, but I’ve gotten more excited at home with a good romance novel than I did with “Pleasureville” and you’re more than likely to as well.

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