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I’m going to tell you a secret – I’m a big Christian Slater fan. Seriously, really big, I’ve seen all of his movies. When I say all, I do mean all, not just the really good ones from the 80’s I’ve also seen his more recent less appealing works. So when I stumbled across the porno “Peters,” which is supposedly a gay parody of the Christian Slater teen angst classic, “Heathers,” I knew what I’d be reviewing this Tuesday.

“Peters” isn’t so much a parody as it’s a bunch of quotes punctuated by lots of fucking. And I do mean lots of fucking – it’s almost an hour into this movie before any kind of actual plot surfaces and people keep their clothes on for whole scenes at a time. That lasts for about fifteen minutes, apparently enough time for several scene changes, before we jump back to a couple jocks in the pool. All in all the movie comes off as even more serious than Slater’s previous classic.

As for the fucking, well it’s full of hot writhing naked men. Basically I can’t find much fault with it. At first there are rarely just two guys fucking on screen it always seems to be at minimum three and at maximum – well I lost count. Funny I wouldn’t have pegged J.D. as a bottom but that’s porno magic for yah. Hungry and enthusiastic cock gobbling, riding and humping abounded. If the scenes weren’t broken up by one – liners I’d call the first half of this movie a wall to wall fuck fest of satisfying proportions. They even made sure to make room for a double anal penetration.

I’d say that “Peters” is ok for a quick O or two, just fast forward to almost any point in the first hour. If what you’re looking for is the actual ‘parody’ part, skip the first half of the movie and only stop when you start to see clothed people.


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