On The Lawn

On The Lawn

Studio: HotOldMovies Category: Classics

I have been waiting for badminton porn my whole life!! I was feeling a little down about all of the cold weather the other day and decided to go on a search for some summer time outdoor sexing when I stumbled upon this classic clip. While it’s not my favorite of all time, how could I possibly pass up the chance to share something as awesome as badminton porn with the masses.

Things start off as you might suspect, with a couple knocking a birdie back and forth, when the girl takes a tumble and ends up with her legs spread. Seems like the perfect time to put that plastic bird to a better use! Sadly, the prop is soon forgotten as things progress, but it was pretty sweet while it lasted.

Like a lot of classic clips, things move along pretty quickly, but you’ll get to witness this young couple go at it doggy style, reverse-cowboy and there’s plenty of oral. You’ll also get the chance to see a flaccid penis, because apparently there was a time when the man didn’t walk into the scene ready to go!

The best thing about this for me is that this quick scene was enough to remind me that summer will come again.

Ps. I hope that shuttle cock was phthalates-free!
-The Porn Librarian

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