NoFauxx Roulette – Scene 3

Studio: Reel Queer Productions Category: Dyke Porn

Welcome back for round three of our scene-by-scene NoFauxx Roulette review-fest! It’s not often that I get a chance to watch a queer flick with two super hot punk rock bio boys getting it on with each other, so I was excited about this scene before I even hit play. But, before we get to the sex, Courtney Trouble has a little something special up her sleeve…

I love that this scene starts out with a music video for queer rapper Katastrophe. Like I’ve said in the other Roulette reviews, Courtney Trouble mixes music into her movies like it’s part of the plot. Her song choices make or break the scenes, and having a music video in the thick of it just proves that she knows how to merge two great things into one awesomely amazing piece.

Ok, on to the fucking! Walter and Nikolaj head up to the roof for a little alone time and an awesome view of the city. Sipping on a 40oz and making out, this super cute twosome definitely have more than a little sexual chemistry between them. The movie description says that they are an engaged couple, which totally fits with the exchange of passion they exude on the screen. And that’s before clothes even come off. But once they do… holy hot sex!

While it’s wrong to assume these guys are tough because of their tattoos, piercings and colorful mohawks, it’s hard not to think that they don’t usually show this much vulnerability, and it feels like we are watching something special and private between the two. Nothing looks staged or posed. Just what feels good to them and how they get off. This is my favorite kind of porn – where it feels like I’m watching sex, not porn.

Once again, Trouble kills it. Thanks Courtney.

-J.D. Bauchery

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