Make Me Cum

Whenever I see the word “cum” in the title of a movie, I roll my eyes. Maybe it’s the grammar/spelling policewoman inside of me, or maybe it’s just that flicks with “cum” in the title don’t usually tend to get me going. It’s a good thing that I have a total weakness for the sassy attitude and smiling face of Meggan Mallone. She pretty much tops my list of mainstream porno ladies and every movie I’ve seen her in is totally worth a watch – including this Vivid video.

Clocking in at more than three and a half hours long, this super-sized sexy romp is broken down into five scenes; each with their own pre-fucking gonzo/interview experience. By gonzo I mean that the star is talking to the camera, interacting with the dude filming (which in this instance is B. Skow).

Unlike other mid-porno interviews I’ve watched, these ones are less “tell me about your porn experience” and more “take off your top so we can see your tits.” And really, either of those is fine by me. At times B. Skow comes off as being a little too pervy for me – which must be extra pervy, because I can take a whole lot of lechery. I’m not gonna lie though, the interviews were my favorite part of the movie.

It’s not that I didn’t like watching the sex, mind you. It’s just that the action is pretty standard here. There’s nothing that really makes it stand out from any other porno. I mean, how many times you can watch the whole oral sex – penis in vag sex – ejaculation combo before you want to watch something that’s totally different. And I love that this movie had both. Fun for the whole family!

My favorite scenes of this flick were definitely the ones with Meggan Mallone in them (obviously), but if I had to choose a fave between the two, I would have to go with the first scene. Mallone not only brings her intense sass to the screen, we get to see her prance around and strip down to her skivvies. While seeing her naked is awesome, it’s super hot to watch her dance around in underpants. It’s the unexpected things in porn that truly make the experience for me. So if you like pretty girls, lots of talking and a bit of hardcore action – this one is for you.

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