Lukas In Love Part 2

Studio: Bel Ami Category: Gay

We all have our weaknesses – mine is Lukas Ridgeston – and he’s back in this sequel to his epic quest for love and faithfulness “Lukas In Love Part 2.” At the end of Part 1 I was pretty sure that everything had been wrapped up with a neat little bow but apparently there’s enough trouble in paradise that a Part 2 was needed.

You see, Lukas likes monogamy and apparently the hottie he hooked up with at the end of Part 1 isn’t so big on that concept. So Lukas is broken hearted and single again, while still on location in Africa with all those super hot and willing Bel Ami stars. I’d say problem solved, but since Lukas wants the monogamy thing and most of the guys are in the middle of a porn short – the pickings might be far thinner than meets the eye.

There’s one thing not exactly related to the models super hot bodies or any of the amazing fucking that I really love about the “Lukas In Love” series and that’s the little glimpses it gives us into Bel Ami’s working process. Watching Lukas with the light shield thing or instructing models how to pose is almost as hot as the long lingering looks the camera gives to each model’s delicious body – almost.

As for the sex, well it’s awesome but you already had a good idea of that if you’ve seen anything from Bel Ami. What really stunned in this particular movie? The massive bath house orgy scene! So many hot, horny, entwined bodies somehow perfectly poised so that the viewer is almost always getting a great shot of four to six horny participants. Not a single angle is badly lit, too dark to see, or too bright. The marble walls created the perfect sound chamber to hear all those gorgeous men sighing, groaning and grunting in pleasure.

Ok, hot guys and lots of water, hot guys and lots of naked, lots of Lukas and his continued quest for love. Is this heaven? Only if I could interject myself in the middle of the orgy scene and get to take Lukas home as my memento! I’m big on the romantic thing and the concept of a story line where the characters determinately seek it even in the face of a smorgasbord of ‘easier’ options is a rare super sexy delight.


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