Lesbian Life – Real Sex San Francisco (Scene 2)

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Studio: Abigail Productions Category: Dyke Porn

Alright, that does it! I’m driving to San Francisco and figuring out a way to have my car break down right in front of Charlie’s Place. I haven’t seen a mechanic that skilled with their hands since I don’t know when… and no, I’m not talking about my muffler being serviced.

That’s right, we’re back with scene two of Madison Young’s San Francisco lesbo romp and all I can say is… well, I can’t really say anything because my tongue is hanging out of my mouth, but if I could talk, I’d definitely say this scene is totally smokin’ hot. Naked dykes and car grease – I’m sold.

What’s a girl to do when her car starts acting up? Lucky for Lorelei Lee, she just happened to break down in front of Charlie’s Place, and super sexy mechanic, Shawn (also known as Syd Blakovich), just happens to be lubing up her tools for action. While I might have gone for a little more car banter between the two, I really can’t complain that they started fucking too soon. I mean seriously, who’s going to whine about dialogue when Lee’s dress is off in three seconds flat and Shawn’s coveralls are hanging around her waist. Not me, that’s who. While they frantically strip and pound into each other roughly with their hands, there is also something really sweet and kind of romantic about the way Shawn lays Lorelei down on her discarded coveralls instead of just on the oil stained floor of the auto shop. Though I will say that seeing Shawn’s dirty knees was pretty awesome after she fucked Lorelei against the floor.

Like The Porn Librarian said in her review of scene one, whoever did the music for this movie was dead on with their picks. I love when music enhances a porn flick, because really, it happens so very little that it’s like a treat. And what goes better with cars and grease than some rock n’ roll? This scene was definitely win-win for both the eyes and the ears. 

-J.D. Bauchery

5 thoughts on “Lesbian Life – Real Sex San Francisco (Scene 2)”

  1. I’m glad you like it!

    I shot this one right after the scene with Carson, the only reason I wake up early on a Saturday is for porn. I had to bike home in those overalls, which were then COVERED in Lorelei’s ejaculate and motorcycle grease by the end of the day.

    I love my job.

  2. I love your job too. Oooh, Femina Potens makes me miss San Francisco big time. Sigh… If it wasn’t so ungodly expensive, I’d move back in a heartbeat. Oh, and all the hot, sex-positive queers and good porn doesn’t make me miss it any less either.

  3. Mmmm. This is one of my favorite scenes of dyke porn. Granted…the next two on the same movie are also pretty fucking amazing.

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