Lesbian Life – Real Sex San Francisco (Scene 3)

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Studio: Abigail Productions Category: Dyke Porn

Fucking in a tattoo parlor. It just doesn’t get any better, does it? Well, not for me, at least. Especially when you’re fucking in Black and Blue Tattoo, the queer tattooing hotspot of San Francisco. I don’t know which is hotter, the folks behind the needles or the ink that they produce. It’s true, there are some super smokin’ people that work in that shop. How do I know? Because I’ve been tattooed there – in that very room to be exact.

This time it’s Shawn (Syd Blakovich) and Carson atop the tattoo table, in scene 3 of this SF sex romp. Shawn wants a stitched heart inked on her chest, but Carson’s got better ideas of what she wants to do to Shaw’s body. She snaps on her latex gloves (originally to tattoo Shawn, but actually used to fuck her – unbelievably hot!) and they are good to go! While I’ve never actually thought of a tattoo table as being a good place to fuck (probably because I associate those tables with needles being stabbing into my body), it turns out to be an awesome place to get it on. Perfectly padded to make sure everyone is comfy, and sturdy as hell, this table supports them well as the frantically pull of each other’s clothes.

Shawn is strapped-on and ready to go. I love that Carson leaves her super high tops on while they fuck. And the way her hair gets in her face as Shawn pounds her from behind – holy crap is that sexy. It’s also kind of an amazing symbolic double entendre that was the buzzing of the Hitachi Magic Wand sounds just like the buzz of a tattoo gun. I love it! This scene would get two thumbs up if I wasn’t busy fanning myself (it suddenly got so hot in here).

-J.D. Bauchery

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