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I don’t watch many movies that repeatedly have me rewinding back every few minutes to re-watch the part I just watched. It’s few and far between that I see something that catches my attention so wholly that I am too distracted by the sex to remember that I am supposed to be watching to review. This movie is hands down one of the hottest I’ve seen in the last few months – and that’s a big deal coming from a porn reviewer. I enjoyed it so much that I don’t think I can fit everything I want to say into one review, so I am sticking with writing up what I loved so far. Be prepared for a follow up with more Real Sex NYC!

Scene two is awesome. If you’ve ever seen some random person that you just wanted to jump right then and there, this is the scene for you. Two fiercely hot queers take over Food Swings vegan diner in Brooklyn and fuck right up on the front counter after ravenously pulling off each other’s clothes. No time for pleasantries – these two want to get down to business and get down they do! I guess the shop is not quite vegan anymore, because they were definitely munching on more than tofu and veggies.

The music in the scene totally made it for me as well. I love a good soundtrack and this movie did not disappoint (think Modest Mouse/indie rock-ish tunes). Plus the tempo to action ratio was dead on. I especially liked that I could still here all the moaning underneath the music. The sounds are half the hotness of the experience for me.

I loved that each moment of the scene felt tender, warm, caring, dirty, hardcore and sexy all rolled into one and everything flowed with a charge of passion. While that may just be good acting, when it comes to Madison Young’s films, it’s usually the real deal. That girl does not mess around with directing people that aren’t having fun. And why should she? On set chemistry leads to hotter on screen action… which leads me to have to keep hitting the rewind button and spend twice as long reviewing. Can I really complain though? Two thumbs up for Real Sex NYC. I can’t wait to watch more!

-J.D. Bauchery

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2 thoughts on “Lesbian Life – Real Sex NYC”

  1. Hottttttt. I’m so gla you liked the tempo!!!! Its so cool to start getting feedback on what wqas such a fun editing expeirence.
    Xoxo ct

  2. Okay, this is SERIOUSLY going on my Must-Buy list, which is getting damn long what with No Fauxxx and Butch-Boi and Tobi Hill-Meyer and P&W (I STILL haven’t seen “Champion” . . . I’m a bad queer porn afficionado!).

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