Kyla’s Ironing Masturbation

Once in a while there comes a day when watching people fuck just isn’t something I want to do.  It may come as a shock, but sometimes even I need a break from blow jobs and scissoring.  Tomorrow I’ll return bright eyed and ready to fill my eyeballs with all of the smut I can handle.  Today I’m stepping from away butt sex and jizz to watch Kyla’s Ironing Masturbation.

Kyla's Ironing MasturbationSure, it’s still porno, but it is a far cry from Belladonna’s Manhandled and Lily Cade’s Eat MY Lesbian Ass.  Kyla is ironing a shirt in the nude and gets all sorts of turned on.  She likes the smoothing of the fabric, the steam and the heat left behind.  She seems to really enjoy pressing her breasts up against the warm shirt and ironing board. Kyla moves on to a folded towel – pressing down with the hot iron and rubbing it on her body.  She lets out little moans and expresses how warm and good it feels on her skin.

Ironing is usually something I do in a hurry when I’m running late to something I’d rather not attend.  I’ll admit that watching all of the wrinkles disappear is pretty satisfying, but I’m not so sure it gets me all antsy in the pantsy.  I’m not judging, just intrigued that something I consider to be a pain in the ass is a turn on for someone else.

Kyla lets the iron cool down a bit and finally begins to masturbate with it.  I was totally worried about her safety, but she was fine.  She got it on with the iron while it was still a little warm which she continued to express how much she liked it.  First on her knees while allowing the tip to go inside of her and later she rubbed the flat surface on her pussy.  While ironing sex isn’t my thing, I thought it was totally hot when she got off.

I’m pretty sure you could hear the person holding the camera breathing.  Perhaps in a different mood I would have liked that, but it was a little distracting.  Otherwise, Kyla’s Iron Masturbation was far more entertaining than I imagined.  At only 20 minutes long, it is definitely worth watching.

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  1. Personal mente a mi me gustaría un vídeo así,pero planchandole a un tío la polla y huevos!!!! Ami eso me pone loco!!!

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