Just Asking For It

Studio: Shadow LaneCategory: Spanking M on F

After reviewing a spanking movie recently, I was thrilled to see this new release from Shadow Lane starring Hm4Her favorite Madison Young. While I haven’t ever watched anything from this studio, I do know that they’re a pretty big player in this genre and figured it would be a winner.

There’s actually a plot in this one, so I’ll take a second to explain. Young plays a political activist, which I’m sure was a real stretch for the lady behind Femina Potens, who wakes up Butch Simms to preach her gospel. He’s not very happy about this, so he bends her over his knee and beats her snow white ass red. I should point out that Young is wearing her glasses, which is awesome!

I really love the spanking scene because Simms is hilarious throughout. I’d like to think that if someone unearthed a film of the late George Carlin beating a girl’s ass, it would play out something like this one.

For those of you who are not really into spanking, but love Ms. Young, you can skip to scene two for a little of the old in and out. Of course, there’s a bj before the fucking begins, for those of you who can’t get enough cock sucking! I was really surprised by Simms in this scene, especially once he bends Young over the bed and drills her from behind. I’m not sure where that six pack came from, but he’s quite fit for an older gentleman and it’s super hot!

In the end, both parties end up getting exactly what they want – but I’ve come to expect fairy tale endings from most pornos. This is a hot and funny flick that has a little something for all of us.
-The Porn Librarian

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