How To Fuck In High Heels

I’ve had a total hard on for Shar Rednour since I first heard of her a bunch of years ago. While femmes don’t usually do it for me, there is just something about her intense sexual bravado and powerful smart cookie-ness that gets my fires burning. She is seriously foxy. When I first saw this movie – one of the first dyke porns I ever watched – I was totally blown away by the mix of sex and spoken word performance art. I have a total weakness for spoken word and the two together damn near had me in convulsions of pleasure.

Now, onward to fucking in high heels. Holy hotness! This is testament (not that we needed it) that femmes can fuck like champs, topping any lady that’s ready to bend over and experience euphoria. The higher the heel, the better – in my book. Shar gives is the run down on the do’s and don’ts to getting busy six inches off the ground. First, you want your partner to be a few inches taller than you, since it creates the perfect alignment once the stilettos are in full effect. But make sure to get shoes that minimize the wobbling effect. You don’t want to be swaying all over the place as you are trying to land your thrusts!

Honestly, I don’t know what I like better in this movie – hearing Shar talk about fucking girls, or actually watching it on the screen. I know, it should be a no-brainer, but like I said, I have a major thing for spoken word, and Shar’s voice is pretty damn magical. I think the perfect combo is watching her fuck a chick while talking as dirty as she can, which Shar is apt to do at any time. How lucky am I?! She talks dirty throughout the whole movie, fucking a variety of ladies and sharing her high heeled wisdom – all while rocking strap-on cocks and teetering on the hottest pairs of fuck-me heels ever.

Whether she is talking shop or sending ladies into mind-blowing orgasmic delight – I am a Shar Rednour fan through and through. Definitely check out this awesome piece of dyke porn history! And if you are into foot play, prepare for heaven.

*As a side note, the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard come out of Shar Rednour’s mouth is from the 1998 tour of the San Francisco traveling spoken word show, Sister Spit. Shar was reading the steamiest story and at one point says something to the effect that the whole house full of folks coming sounded like a “phone fuck operator mixed with a stuck pig.” I know, so hot, right?

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