Hello Nurse

I woke up this morning feeling like total crap, so I decided that a nurse movie would be the best choice for a day like today.  Of course I don’t feel like watching dirty movies in the state that I am in, but hey, I take one for the team when it comes to bringing you the best that porno has to offer.  Hopefully these naughty nurses will help get me back to fighting shape!

A mix of various medical-themed vignettes, Hello Nurse, dishes out a delicious dose of sexy that could cure the even the most advance cases of horny-itis.  Yeah, I know that’s super cheesy, but cut me some slack, I am unwell.

Anyway, and Marco Banderas kick this flick off with some steamy bed-side manner.  Nurse Eva comes to check on Marcos, only to find him warm and moaning.  Maybe it starts as moaning in pain, but as soon as the nurse’s touch travels to his hard cock, that moaning turns to pleasure.  Eva strokes his dick through his hospital gown a bit before unsnapping her uniform to make it so much easier to bend over and suck his cock dry.  You can tell she’s a medical professional because she allows him to continue lying down for most of the scene, allowing him to gain his strength for later, when he gets up, bangs her from behind, and cums all over her stethoscope.

Scene two is a little more conceptual, with Annette Schwarz as some sort of fantasy angel nurse that comes to find Derrick Pierce lying in a heap of garbage and brings him into his own personal fantasy.  There must be some reason she is dressed as a nurse, but honestly, I’m not seeing it.  I guess it doesn’t matter, because Derrick Pierce is so super hot that it trumps all the stuff that doesn’t make sense here.

Next up Lexi Belle heads over to Alex Gonz’s place for a house call.  Well, it looks like Alex actually ordered a sexy entertainer dressed as a nurse, because Lexi starts to unsnap her uniform within minutes of getting to his house.  Or should I say to his patio, as they are hanging out in the back by the pool.  While the sex is pretty hot and I really like the outdoor bonuses of sunlight and birds chirping, I am honestly a little disappointed by this scene not even pretending to have medical/nurse undercurrents.  Maybe I’m just a porno purist, but I say why bother with the costume if you aren’t going to use it to its full potential?

Scene four brings us back to the doctor’s office with Alexis Love and Chris Cannon.  Finally, a setting I can understand!  Alexis needs to collect a sample… of Chris’ semen, of course.  And to do that, she has to jerk him off with her own two hands!  She even strips down and plays with her tits to get that sample from him.  What a modern day Nurse Nightingale!  I’m just so happy that they are playing “doctor” that I wouldn’t even mind if the sex wasn’t great, so it’s a total plus that it is!  Good thing Alexis remembers to spit that cum into the jar so she gets her sample.

And lastly we come to scene five, a threesome with Ava Rose, Kelly Kline and Marcus London.  Again it’s a nurse costume scene, with no actual medical plot.  I know the point of porno is the sex, but I find it really annoying when I expect one thing and get something totally different.  Of course I don’t mind watching beautiful women in nurse’s garb dancing with each other, but I was in the mood for something a little different, so I was a little disappointed.  That didn’t last long though, because once the real action began, I got preoccupied with all the hot sex the trio has to off.

So, am I cured for what ails me?  Not really, but I definitely feel better.

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