Heart of Darkness

After the last movie I reviewed complete lack of scripting or plot (see plotless can still be awesome every now and again) I felt the need for heftier fare. Enter “Heart of Darkness” an AVN award winner from Vivid that seems to have all kinds of potential.

Potential it squanders almost immediately within the first 10 minutes. Quick and dirty sex in a club with absolutely no character development to suck me in, is a great way to shrivel my hopeful boner. Thankfully the blond in the scene seemed to agree with me and immediately started berating the main character, Johnny, for being so disconnected. One might think that this means a little more plot is coming but less than two minutes later Johnny’s got his cock in someone else’s mouth. See Johnny’s got a problem, a sexual problem, emphasized not only by his screwing everything but his wife at work, but also by his picking up a pair of hookers the next morning.

So ok, I get it. Boy thinks he needs sex with just about anything that walks – and if I had a dick it’d be crawling slowly back into my body right about now. Next stop for Johnny boy a female ‘friend’ who taunts his desires to get over his addictions while he jerks off under the degradation. To be honest he seems more intimately connected (physically and emotionally) with this particular friend than he does with his wife. This Dom-like friend of Johnny’s is eventually the one who really drives the sex addiction point home to him (best point of the movie watching her berate him with a rubber fist in one hand.)

On the one hand, “Heart of Darkness” is a really great presentation of a sex addict falling further and further into his addiction and on the other in a porno a sex addict is about as unoriginal as a struggling actress/singer/anything in a mainstream movie. In a movie that’s a little over one hour long they managed to cram in an amazing 10 sex scenes. The scenes would have been hot but the people, with the exception of Johnny’s Dom-ish friend, weren’t particularly likable at all, which is a libido killer for me. Not to mention that whole being depressing not being sexy angle. It’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen but I won’t be picking it up for some intimate hand time in the foreseeable future.


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