Glamour Smoke

Studio: Bob’s Videos Category: Smoking

I’ve been a sick little perv lately, of the far too literal sort, so as a welcome back to the many joys and wonders of porn reviewing I thought I’d dip into one of my favorite fetishes with “Glamour Smoke.” I have no idea why a hot woman slowly smoking a cigarette is the very definition of sultry but I’m so glad I can unwind with these smoking honies today!

This particular video starts with too many teasers for other smoking fetish videos. None of which actually interest me in the least bit as the smokers pictured are either to speedy with their puffing, naked and fondling themselves or sucking on cocks, which kind of completely ruins the elegance and sensuousness of the fetish for me. Ah well I suppose I’m alone in the desire to watch elegantly clad women relax with a cigarette, letting it gently waft about their head and fingers in a slow sensual fashion, since Bob’s Video has a ton of those other types of films and I had to search deep for one that didn’t involve at least a blow job.

Once the film finally starts though, I’m pretty pleased with the choice. The first smoker is a lovely brunette wearing long black gloves a garter belt and stockings along with a short velvet dress. Unfortunately she’s a pretty fast smoker, giving far more attention to her surroundings than the cigarette and its smoke, each exhalation is a hurried and blurred puff. The next brunette is even cuter than the first, even if she’s dressed down wearing a baggy sweat shirt and comfy pants. Stripping is obviously a must for this scene but the girl is still a puffer, exhaling in huge gouts that ruin the sensual twine of the smoke. Her scene is more about the sensuous body movement and stripping than the smoking.

Finally with the third woman we get some slow sensuous smoke play! A peroxide blond is seated in a chair with breasts ostentatiously bared and temporarily forgotten as she plays with her cig and sips a brandy. Thick coils of white smoke snake out of her mouth and over her lip wafting gently over her face and twining in delicate coils and loops in the air above her head. Later once the cig is nearly gone, she begins to caress her nipples with the warm mist, gently releasing slow coils of smoke around the nipple letting them crawl down her tongue as she flicks the nipple with it. Awesome!

Sadly for me there wasn’t that much bang for my buck in this one. The ladies are pretty sexy for the most part and most of them writhe around with some sexy-ish cohesion but I was in it for the smoke and only one scene out of the six that really gave it to me. However if you’re into hot women stripping – with a cigarette nearby or in hand – this might well be the film to get off to for you.


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