Girlvert 13

Studio: JM Productions Category: Hardcore

Have I mentioned that I love Ashley Blue? I do, I really do! For some reason Ashley just seems like the kind of girl who’d be fun to paint the town fuchsia with. And since it’s a Friday, and I wish I was out drinking and rabble rousing, now seems like a great time to review one of Ashley Blue’s legendary “Girlvert” movies. I picked lucky number 13 today because it was nominated for two AVN Awards in 2008, one for Best Sex Comedy and one for Best Anal Sex Scene.

The plot would be sweet and innocent – if it wasn’t part of the “Gilvert” series. Ashley is working as a camp counselor and falls in love with another counselor named Corey and all is bliss. Lots of face fucking and anal action later, Ashley meets up with a few more camp counselors who fling burning marshmallows on her and generally invite her wrath. After that it’s all anal mayhem. And “Girlvert 13” is absolutely hilarious, I must admit. My favorite line of the film – “his cock was delicious, like some heavenly s’more…”

The sex scenes are plentiful and chock full of all your nastiest favorites, anal, ass to mouth, double penetrations, face fucking – and it’s all on the rough side. Ashley makes sure to keep in character, even when she’s got a cock up her ass, and she’s an active participant in every scene as she gets her revenge on the s’more throwing girls and makes ‘friends.’

To be honest “Girlvert” is the most hardcore straight (as in non fetish) series I actually like. Usually this stuff is all too degrading for me, but somehow Ashley Blue, a few real female orgasms and this absolutely absurd plot makes me forget to be outraged – till it’s over. I’d say “Girlvert 13” might just become your favorite dirty little secret.

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