Girls Seducing Girls

When I am in the mood for fresh-faced, natural girls getting busy with each other, I always know exactly where to point my mouse – at movies. I can always count on AbbyWinters to offer up the cutest Aussies gals getting naked and giggly together. And I am never disappointed.

While AbbyWinters is very consistent with their ladies and their style, sometimes they deviate from the norm, which is both unexpected and totally sexy. This movie in particular surprised me in a few subtle ways that only a hardcore AbbyWinters fan would even probably notice. What can I say – I love me some Australian accents!

As I was saying, there are a few pieces to this hour and forty-five minute movie that stand out compared to the rest of the AbbyWinters movies I’ve seen (and yes, I’ve seen a lot). First off, the whole hour and forty-five minutes is comprised of only two couples; each pair getting two scenes. Usually AbbyWinters packs as many folks as they can into the time. While both ways are equally sexy, I like that I had more time to enjoy the two couples, as compared to getting a whole host of quickies.

Also, I really liked the post sex interviews the filmmakers were having with the performers.  There was something really sexy about watching them screw, then relax naked and talk about the experiences.  They were definitely my favorite parts of the movie!

And lastly, I appreciated that this flick featured a few varying camera angles.  Abby Winters movies of the past have only utilized one camera angle with little zooming, but this movie gets a little more in-depth and inside the hot hardcore on the screen.

Differences or not, whatever AbbyWinters video you watch will have you ready to check out their whole catalog!

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