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Studio: Category: Masturbation – Solo Girls

I love watching women orgasm. Real, uninhibited orgasms that make their bodies shutter with pleasure. It’s all about the flushing face, quickening of movements and clenching of all the important muscles that really does it for me. I don’t need any close up crotch shots, bad music, extra large dongs or fake squeals – no thank you. All I want is a girl or two, getting their solo groove on without a whole lot of distraction. Thankfully, I have movies. This studio knows a thing or two about natural girls having real orgasms, as they only shoot fresh faced Aussie gals with no scripts, expectations or demands. Pure. Simple. Amazing.

This particular flick give us nine scenes of happy-go-lucky girls next door rubbing their own clits, squeezing their own tits and cuming however they really cum. Some cum loud, others only a peep, but all of them get there on their own terms. One thing I especially love about this movie is that the girls are shot from varying angles. Each camera is stationary in the scene, but every scene has a different angle that they catch the girls from. I loved scene four’s view from above, as well as scene five’s pulled back angle, which captured every inch of Marika. I also really appreciate that the camera stays on the girls after they cum, to catch the heavy breathing and exhaustion that comes after a really good orgasm.

I love scene three. Irene starts out modestly, touching herself under her clothes and keeping her body totally covered. But soon she starts getting too into it to have her clothes on and the panties come off! Over and over, Irene slowly builds herself up to explosive orgasms. Only after 3 or 4 impressive climaxes is she satiated enough to take a break. I think it was her face that really made the scene for me. The camera is closer to her face than her pussy and we get to see every insanely cute expression she makes as she gets off again and again. She even giggles a little as she cums. Totally adorable and exceptionally hot.

I might have liked some of the scenes to be shot a little closer, but honestly, I can’t think of any other negative things to say about this movie. Well… I do wish it was longer. Does that count as negative?

-J.D. Bauchery

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