Girl Train (Disc 1)

Belladonna Category: 2009 AVN Award Nominees

If there was one person that I would count on the bring the best mix of the hottest/funniest/overall raddest porn stars together for a movie chock full of pussy pounding, amazing anal and general awesomeness, it would most definitely be Ms. Belladonna. Offering up some of my porno favorites, including Joanna Angel, Dana DeArmond, Kimberly Kane, and of course, herself, Belladonna takes this all-girl fuckfest to a level way beyond a polite, mild mannered roll in the sack. Let’s just say this 2009 AVN Award nominee for Best All-Girl Release does not skimp on playing with the big toys. No ma’am.

Personally, I’ve been known to shy away from Belladonna’s movies in the past, because though I think she is a totally awesome director and seems like someone I would love to hang out with, her scenes are a little too hardcore for me. And while I like watching girls take it up the butt, I don’t really enjoy close-ups on a completely stretched out asshole. But that’s just me.

Luckily this movie was definitely more than just a few wide assholes. Along with Belladonna’s totally hot way of dirty talking throughout the scenes, making them extra sexy, she makes sure that everyone is having an awesome time as they get off. The relaxed chemistry between the stars keeps the scenes light and fun while they bring out the extreme action. Oh and Joanna Angel has a dance off with Kimberly Kane and Belladonna. Does it get better than that?

-J.D. Bauchery

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