Ginger Jolie – Lingerie & Panty

I picked something a little further outside of the realm of your average female fetish today, “Ginger Jolie – Lingerie & Panty.” Though I know there are female fans of this genre out there, it usually not something that women think of as their go-to fetish. Sad really since it’s been my experience that sexy lingerie is more fun for me than for any male I’ve ever shown it to (now that I think of it, no one’s ever actually seen me in my garter belt.)

There’s no actual sex in this awesome movie, Ginger just speaks in a quiet voice and wears lots of absolutely mouth watering lingerie ensembles. The low key tone of voice is a key part of Ginger’s performance as she gently teases and poses sensually, it’s just like she says “you don’t get to see a beautiful woman dressed up in sexy lingerie anymore.”

Sometimes it’s hotter to see a beautiful woman displayed beautifully than to see another naked ‘teen’ with a face covered in runny makeup, fake eyelashes, and goo. It’s easy to fantasize about myself in that absolutely gorgeous outfit being drooled over for doing little more than being the sensual desirable creature that I am. The film is full of slow stripping that never quite crosses the border to hardcore action of even the solo variety.

Playtime Video is also all about the virtual taunt, encouraging viewers to jerk themselves off in one breath and berating them with the other for getting off just at the sight of a half naked woman. There’s real material here for the submissive who loves to lust after women they’re never allowed to touch, anyone that likes to be humiliated will definitely find hours of enjoyment as Ginger Jolie ridicules, teases, taunts and flaunts before them. Each scene is a little more degrading as Ginger goes from virginal white, to overly sexy school girl, the girl next door lounging around in bobby socks and matching panties and finally lounging by the pool in nothing but a pink thong and thigh highs.

To me this is erotic girl time at its best. A nice sensual reminder of girly pleasures, stockings with garters, lingerie, heels and, of course, making someone drool while you wear it. This is a movie that reminds us jaded porn viewers that the art of the tease isn’t completely forgotten. Here’s the kicker, though I’m not sure if those without the panties and stockings fetish can get off on it, it’s definitely something to get your heart racing and your breath coming faster. Or just a great place to coordinate your next outfit – girlfriend, where did you get those blue panties at!?!


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