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Studio: VCX Category: Classics

I’m still bitter enough about W to get excited when I see a movie called “Fuck Bush.” I probably need to move on or whatever, but at least I have a deserving target for my rage! This VCX collection doesn’t have anything to do with government, but does capture some of the biggest stars of the golden age of porn, including Kay Parker and Dorothy LeMay, in all of their hairy glory!

I have to talk about scene eight, from the classic flick Sex World, because it starts off with the best porno music I’ve ever heard in my entire life. And that’s before Kay Parker enters and announces her need for a “huge, gorgeous cock.” Of course, her wish is some lucky dude’s command and he’d better have big balls if he hopes to satisfy Parker! Joey Silvera and his mustache are up to the task as she sucks him off while people watch behind two-way glass. Sex World is apparently a pretty cool place to be if you’re a voyeur.

There are also two scenes featuring John Holmes, including the first scene that features a threeway with Desiree Cousteau and Seka from the movie Sweet Alice. I totally heart Seka and this is pretty freaking hot.

While classic compilations are sometimes thrown together without much thought, I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with this one. Big stars, good scenes and natural ladies getting down and dirty! Really a must-see for fans of classic porn.

Ps. After getting this little taste, I am totally adding Sex World and Sweet Alice to my list of movies to watch.

-The Porn Librarian

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