Foxy Nudes

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Sometimes you feel like tentacle sex – sometimes you don’t. In the interests of getting a little of the beaten hentai track today’s hentai treat is “Foxy Nudes” a humorous take on the diehard career woman who’ll do just about anything to climb up the ladder.

Etsuko Yamanobe is an anchorwoman in a primetime broadcast but in an industry where you’re only as good as the biggest story you’ve ever covered, she’s more than willing to orchestrate one of the biggest media blasts in the country’s history. Etsuko inflames a hostage crisis, in which a wealthy heiress is captured by a former employer of her father’s company, for the sake of ratings and personal glory.

And exactly how does the enterprising Etsuko manage to get everyone involved in this hostage situation to do her bidding? Lots of sex appeal, that’s how. Just flashing her panties is enough to have most of the men Etsuko encounters like putty in her hands, her blowjob negotiation technique quickly has a military commander agreeing to snipe the hostage taker but only on her command. All while she gives a flustered female attendant a crash course in her own method of ‘business negotiation.’

Everything about the first half of the movie is absurd. One only has to take a look at the scene where the hostage takers parents face off against the parents of the hostage to understand that it’s all intended with a healthy dose of humor. This is even one of the rare times that I’ll say the dubbing works, the dialogue is so exaggerated that the usual awful dubbing somehow only adds to the ludicrous charm.

The second half focuses less on the humor and more on the nitty gritty of the hostage taker screwing his hostage while Etsuko eggs him on and has the whole thing filmed for live television. Midway through the hostage’s humiliation Etsuko heads off for another job – hosting bingo topless. Despite the absurdity of the concept, this scene turns into one of humiliation as well as Etsuko is man handled and humiliated grubbing on the floor saying “my money, my money I’m just here to make some money.” It’s the only moment in the film where the Etsuko really seems to lose her composure.

In the end “Foxy Nudes” humor is of the blackest sort, kind of a shame because it was hilarious at the start. Etsuko doesn’t honor any of the promises she made along the way, which is only to be expected since she’s set up as the most conniving of characters. Things do try to lighten up with more absurdity and sex at the very end but the moment’s kind of over.

It’s easy to see how Etsuko earned her reputation as a completely engrossing anchorwoman; I really couldn’t look away throughout “Foxy Nudes.” Despite some of the more disturbing bits, those splashes of absolutely ridiculous sexual humor really made for an entertaining movie. That said, will it get you off? I honestly don’t know. The less heavy sex scenes were still pretty unconventional and the heavy ones were at least mildly disturbing, so that’s a question really best left up to you, your hand and your libido.


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