Domestic Discipline

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Studio: Shadow Lane Category: Spanking

I have to admit, spanking films aren’t usually what I look for when I’m looking for a good adult movie, but “Domestic Discipline” is just too awesome to not enjoy. From Christine Justice’s expert skills right down to the whimpering, and yet somehow smug performance – of Harley Rowe, this is a beautifully crafted film for all those discipline lovers out there.

Where to begin? This film is filled with so many enjoyable elements it’s hard to pick just one to start with, but I’m going to begin with my usual favorite element – the plot. This time the storyline is gloriously basic: an out of work husband runs up a thousand dollar bill calling phone sex hotlines and his bill paying wife finds out about it just before she’s about to leave for work. While Christine is taking a little restitution out of his hide for the bill, she finds out that Rowe also “lost” her wedding ring, which leads up to my favorite line in the movie – “this is for my ring” repeated in time as Christine thoroughly thrashes the only part of her husband’s rear she hasn’t covered yet, his asshole.

Throughout the film Justice uses seven different implements, including her bare hands, to turn Rowe’s ass first a rosy red and then nearly purple, all without breaking the skin. Paddles, leather strops, belts, and the infamous birch rod, are all expert tools in Christine’s hands but it’s really her mastery of the squirming, struggling and constantly protesting, Rowe that’s to be admired. With an arm twist or a firm tug on Rowe’s ear, Justice gets him calmed down and back into position for another round.

Finally, it’s really the technical things that really take “Domestic Discipline” to another level. Shadow Lane is an amazing studio for all your cherry red ass needs and their expert skill has never been as evident as in this film. The sound of every slap, paddle and switch comes through in brilliant clarity, so that you’ll likely be wincing right along with Rowe as the film progresses. That won’t be hard to do either because without missing a beat of the spanking action, Shadow Lane still gives you plenty of angles and views to enjoy Rowe’s tormented face and watch as Justine breaks a sweat. At no point during this movie is the viewer left focusing on one side while all the action is happening on the other.

So there you have it, a simple but great plot (when she found out about her ring Christine had me cheering her on) a mind boggling array of implements, expert handling and great camera work make “Domestic Discipline” a wonderful view for anyone into discipline – and anyone else that needs to let off a little steam.


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