Depravity Episode 1

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How could I resist reviewing the first of an anime series called “Depravity?” The answer is simple – I could not! Just looking at the title alone peaked my curiosity but one look at the cover art for the movie had me even more interested. A busty woman, wearing a mildly titillating top and a short skirt stands before a blackboard scrawled with math equations – what could this relatively modest (by hentai standards anyway) teacher have to do with anything that could be called ‘depraved?’ Turns out that this teacher (Ms. Kiriko Ragawa) can have quite a lot to do with it, or shall I say depravity has a lot to do with her.

Several of Kiriko’s students have been ‘preying’ on the female teachers of her school. Their goal is simple: bring these teachers to points of ecstasy the likes of which they’ve never known before, and this time they’ve singled out Kiriko for their game. This is honestly the first and only hentai of the less-than-romantic sort I’ve ever seen where the entire point is to have the female lead writhing in pleasure. Not only that, but Kiriko isn’t a light weight fainting violet type either. She’s a black belt in karate and a judo champion who teaches advanced math. As one of her student’s put it, Kiriko has “a strong body, and a tough mind.”

In the end Kiriko will probably lose the battle (there are two other episodes in the series so it’s not all over at the end of episode one), but before she does, she breaks one of the students ribs, fractures another’s bone, breaks another’s tooth and leaves yet another with a deep gash on the forehead. All of that before they’ve even gotten her out of her underwear. I do love strong hentai women.

Perspective on some of the shots are slightly off (there’s one moment where the lead student is playing with Kiriko’s nipple and her whole breast dwarfs his hand so badly it almost looks like the suckling grasp of an infant) and it’s got a slightly older art style than the newer Hentai films. There’s definitely too little definition on the male fun bits for my taste, but overall the character designs are fine, if a little uninspired.

I’m actually sad that the episode is only half an hour long, since I’m rooting for Kiriko but I’m not at all sure if she’s going to come out on top in the end. I’d definitely recommend this one, plot is bare bones but just enough to draw you in and it’s definitely a long hot tease of a feature. Fans of domination, submission, bondage, strong female characters and long slow teases will probably love this movie. Unfortunately episode¬†one is all about the tease, so for a full sex scene, you’ll probably need the other two episodes.

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