Dangerous Liaisons

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment Category: Gay

First let me say, I love the 1988 film “Dangerous Liaisons.” The intrigue, the backstabbing, the convoluted double plot, love and hate – they all weave so beautifully together into a truly enjoyable period piece crammed so full of sex, seduction and sexuality, that the most hard hearted macho man would be hard pressed to call the film ‘boring.’ So of course I jumped at the chance to review Michael Lucas’ “Dangerous Liaisons,” for the simple reasons that more sex, like a dab of salt, only makes your favorite things better.

I’m not exactly disappointed either. Michael Lucas has a talent for finding amazing locations to shoot his films in, and even the obligatory bedroom scenes are beautifully appointed and lavish enough to lend beautifully to the fantasy of the moment. Wilfried Knight, who plays the supposedly coy Sebastian Lacroix, has a sculpted body that’s well worth seducing, though I must admit, I’m ready to rip his clothes off the second Wilfried begins speaking with that thick French accent of his. And true to this award-winning studio’s reputation, it’s impossible to pull out the hottest sex scene. Michael Lucas’ “Dangerous Liaisons” is perfect fuel if you’re planning a multi-O night.

It’s just that – the plot isn’t done more than the most glancing of justices. My favorite element of the original, the elaborate seduction of the innocent (and not so innocent) is completely missing. On the other hand, it’s almost impossible to find fault with a movie crammed to the brim with some of the hottest men in the industry. I mean really – do you really want them to act all that out or do you want them to strip down, stroke their cocks and give the camera that animalistic, arrogant look? When it comes to porn, sometimes cliff notes are about all I can stand before I want to see some hot man-flesh!

So if you love men with accents (Michael Lucas still has a lovely one himself), drool worthy, muscled and mature men and just enough plot to spice up the transitions between scenes, definitely check out Michael Lucas’ “Dangerous Liaisons.”


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