Crash Pad Series – Episode 32: Cash & Stella

Coming back to watching a Pink and White movie is like hanging out with an old lover. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed from this awesome studio, but it feels comfortable and relaxing to settle down for a viewing. They always know just how to press my buttons and make sure I leave the experience with a big smile on my face. Sure, there have been a ton of other amazing queer porn studios on my horizon since the last time we were together, but it doesn’t change how I feel about my old friend. And this rowdy romp with Stella and Cash totally brought me back to that happy place that only CrashPad can. Sigh, memories… now onward to the fucking!

I totally love that the whole butch/top-femme/bottom stereotype is challenged and that Cash gets the pounding of her life with Stella behind the cock. And it’s an even bigger bonus that we get to watch Cash thoroughly suck Stella’s dick. Seriously, I love watching me some strap-on dick sucking! Once Stella gets into her groove (yeah, I went there), we get the super hot angle of not only watching her dick go in and out, but also the strap of her harness rub right against her clit. It was a total win situation all around.

Back to the whole tom/bottom switcheroo (which really isn’t, because butch chicks love getting fucked as much as femmes and femmes love fucking as much as butches), I really enjoyed watching Cash hold her hairy legs up by her face. There is something very natural and raw about hair that heightens the experience for me. And really, I can’t think of much better than a butch chick with all her hair intact. What can I say, it’s just how I roll.

And as much as I completely enjoyed watching Cash get plowed, Stella getting fucked from behind was definitely my favorite part of the movie. I love that the focus was more on her face and body and less on genital close ups – though I’m glad we got those too. And oh man, when she asked to be flipped over… I fan myself even as I write it. Insanely hot. I will say I’m not a huge fan of breath play and cutting off oxygen, which there seemed to be a little bit of, but Stella was over the moon about it, so who am I to complain? I will say this though – Stella and Cash both followed my own sex mantra… if you aren’t sweaty and your hair isn’t messed up by the end, you aren’t having fun.

This movie as a whole was awesome and I totally recommend it to anyone that loves some good old fashion queer fucking. Thanks for another fabulous evening, Pink and White.  I’ll be back soon.

-J.D. Bauchery

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