Crash Pad Series – Episode 22: Brett & Ian

It’s been a while since I laid my eyes on some hot Crash Pad action, so I figured it was due time to get a little queer lovin’ ablaze on the ole computer screen.

This time we have two bears hanging out at the Crash Pad, grunting and growling their way through the door. Ian Sparks and Brett McCloskey bring their intense leather daddy love to the pad, bending gender and identity roles while we watch them suck and fuck each other silly.

I love that they communicate while they fuck and still keep it totally sexy. Like asking ‘want more lube in your ass?’ as both a serious question and a part of talking dirty. So hot! And they do just gab a little bit as well, making cute jokes and all. Sex can totally be rough and tender at the same time and it’s awesome that we get a taste of it all with this video. I also really enjoy the multitude of angles that Crash Pad flicks give us. We not only get close ups, but lots of different points of view as well that make the experience more than just watching two people get busy on screen. Pink and White Productions consistently offer up this kind of awesomeness, which is why I like their movies so much and get excited to write up their reviews.

While leather and growling aren’t my preferred kinks, per se, watching these guys go at it so brutally is definitely a turn on. That hardcore passion is enough to drive any self respecting kinkster to their breaking point (ie. complete and utter horniness). McCloskey’s powerful, red-faced orgasms totally get me fanning myself and wishing that I had a copy of that Crash Pad key. Plus, they use my favorite lube, which makes me feel like I am part of the action… even sitting here all hot and bothered at my desk.

-J.D. Bauchery

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