Crash Pad Series – Episode 11: Dallas & Vai

A scene like this is enough to make me want to go back to school! Dallas stops by the Crash Pad to help Vai study, but just as you’d think, the books barely even make an appearance – unless being used as a spanking implement counts. Kinky osmosis aside, the only thing Vai is learning is how to cum over and over again.
I just have to say that both Dallas and Vai are insanely adorable. I know it’s a little strange to call porn stars adorable, but really it’s the first word that comes to mind here. Dallas’ impish grin and Vai’s perma-blushed cheeks are super cute and had me smiling before the first items of clothing even hits the floor. When they fuck, it’s giggly and rough, full of kisses and whispers, teasing and lots and lots of squirting – which is always really hot to watch. Pretty much, you can tell that the pair are just as friendly off screen as they are in front of the camera. It’s that kind of chemistry and fun that make this movie so exciting to watch.

Vai is seriously a pleasure machine. That girl can cum repeatedly without stopping and ejaculates all over the place time and time again. Vai rides Dallas’ hand like a champ, never even stopping to catch her breath. Her coy smile and giggly shyness are really endearing, but it’s totally hot to watch her drop the initial timidness and just let the sex really take her over as the scene goes on.

Whether this twosome are cracking each other up or moaning in ecstasy, Vai and Dallas rule the screen and keep me excited till the very end. Two big thumbs up!

-J.D. Bauchery

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