Craig’s List Compulsion

We never really get spoon fed any Craig’s List goodies in Craig’s List Compulsion.  I guess that is ok and that we’re supposed to infer from the title that the goings-ons stem from Craig’s List ads.  I guess. I felt a little duped  Sure, it is totally possible that the encounters branched from a Craig’s List, but I’m pretty sure that title was an after though rather than the original premise for the movie.  These things matter to me.  Don’t toy with my emotions, porno!

Craig's List CompulsiponsMinus the semi-misleading title, I enjoyed this movie.  Some may find the premise to be degrading to women.  A few of the women open their scenes by saying that they’re prostitutes.  There isn’t anything else about the scenes that really makes this clear.  You may have your reservations about women who have sex for money, but these women are in the profession by choice (according to the the story line).

In the first Nikki Rhodes crawls out of a wooden box.  It is implied that she lives there until it is time to come out and fuck.  Sure, it sounds disturbing, but she is clearly cool with the arrangement so it gets to be hot.  I have never really payed much attention to Nikki, but I rather enjoyed her performance in this movie.  Her enjoyment of being a dirty perv shines through and wow does she know how to use her mouth.  She loves giving blowjobs.  It makes me happy when I see a porn performer really enjoying her work.  Fast forward and we see her get fucked and placed back in the wooden box.  It’s depraved in all the right ways.

Scene 3 brings us the gorgeous Roxy Deville.  She tells a little about her job and eventually she is blowing a tattoo artist.  The setting is hot and probably fills many many fantasies for all of your inked fuckers out there.  Love it!  sex – oral and vaginal – gets pretty rough.  At one point she slaps his rock hard cock repeatedly.  I am so okay with what others are into, but it totally took me off guard.  The sex was totally full of energy, so I dug it.

People have complained that the lighting in this porno is too dark.  I suppose for those used to the super bright gonzo movies that would be true.  I didn’t find that it hindered my enjoyment.

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