Couch Surfers 2 – Trans Men In Action

Here at we love us some Trannywood Pictures. I mean, there are very few companies making great queer porn and these guys were one of the first. Knowing this, I can’t even begin to explain how it is that we haven’t reviewed this movie before. I mean, I bugged the crap out of director and all around awesome dude Ian Sparks to get a copy and then never bothered to share my opinions on the site!

Couch Surfers 2 - Trans Men In Action

Anyways, on to the review! Like the original, Couch Surfers 2 features a hot mix of cis dudes and trans guys getting it on and it is equally awesome. You’ll see a few of the men from other Trannywood flixxx, like Mark Van Helsing and Dex Hardlove, and some new studs I can only hope will show up in CS3.

Dex Hardlove and Cupid kick things off in a really hot scene. I’ve had a crush on Hardlove for years now, so it’s no surprise I loved it. That boy is one hell of a top and I’m pretty sure Cupid would back up that statement after the pounding he receives.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the pairings – I mean when people are this into the action, it’s bound to be hot. Mark Van Helsing and Peter Pleas are fan-fucking-tastic as are Ian Sparks and the adorable Lubeboy. Watching Sparks swallow Lubeboy’s cock before giving up his ass was definitely a high point for me.

One thing to point out, and we usually do when talking about Trannywood, is how hot they make safe sex. While a lot of studios use condoms, there aren’t many who incorporate dams, gloves and condoms the same way they do. It’s hot yet educational and who am I to complain about that! There’s even a scene where you get to see two men discuss the fact that they won’t be using any safer sex barriers. Imagine a world where we all talked about things like this before getting busy…

Overall, this is another fantastic offering from the dudes at Trannywood. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, I highly suggest it.

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