Cleo’s Sunny Afternoon

The moment I opened the site this morning, I took one look at  and said “I want to go to there.”  Oh yeah, I quoted television to talk about porno.  For real though, it was the first movie I saw when I opened the site this morning and I really did stop in my tracks.  Who is this Cleo and why have I never seen her before?  Fresh faced, bespectacled, curvy, tattooed and deliciously hairy – just what the smut peddler ordered to heat us up on this cold, wintery morning!  Thank you !

Seriously, I really can’t get over how incredibly hot this lady is and how exciting it is to watch her get herself off.  Set in what looks like her sweet, eclectic living room (I would bet money that she lives in Portland, Oregon*), Cleo strips down to her pretty pink bra and panties within a minute and stretches out on her little antique couch.  After taking off her socks (thank god), Cleo caresses her body to get into the mood, all the while chatting with the camerawoman about random stuff.  Finally she takes her panties off…

As soon as she pulls her bottoms down a bit, we are treated to a surprise thicket of beautiful, dark pubic hair – a nice full bush of it.  Since it has become such a trend for porn performers to wax their pubic hair, seeing someone with an amazing bush they are proud of is one of my favorite things ever.  Along with her pubes, Cleo has lovely tufts of thick hair under each arm.  Can you tell I am a fan of body hair?

It’s not long before Cleo has her hands on her pussy, playing with her extra fluffy hair (she just showered) and rubbing her sensitive clit.  I love watching the way she touches herself, using her middle and ring fingers to grind into her body.  She groans and wriggles around for a while as she works herself into a subdued, yet super sexy, orgasm, finishing the ten minute movie with a few sheepish giggles and a warm smile.  Oh man, I totally forgot how much I love a sunny afternoon!

Watch “” Now!

*Edit – We actually looked the studio up and they are based in Oakland, California.  Oh well, I was kind of right.  Six of one, half-dozen of another, eh?


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