Buddy Wood’s – Kimber James

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Studio: Grooby Productions Category: Transsexual – Gonzo

I don’t watch a lot of M2F porn, but when I stumbled up on this “Transumentary” the other day, I was curious and couldn’t resist learning a little bit more about it’s star, Kimber James.

Right off the bat we learn what Ms. James is packing underneath her skirt as the movie opens up with a JO scene. She’s got an amazing body that makes this girl a little jealous. The scene is pretty basic, but it’s a good intro to the movie’s star. My favorite scene was the fifth because I love the nerdy dude she hooks up with. He fucks her for over 17 minutes wearing his glasses! After he cums all over her ass, she’s treated to a few sound ass slaps that really summed up the action for me.

My only issue with this film is that it’s really not a documentary. I was really excited about a behind the scenes look at Kimber’s life. I mean, in the fourth scene we do see her stirring something in a pan on the stove before Mr. Clean walks in and goes down on her in the kitchen, but this is definitely not a ground breaking look into the life of a porn star. Stupid marketing tricks.

Regardless, Kimber definitely deserves a film like this. She’s absolutely stunning and has an appetite for cock that is apparent in each and every coupling. Fans of Male on Shemale movies should definitely take a look at this one.

-The Porn Librarian

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