Alpine Adventure

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Normally today I’d be reviewing a new hentai title and even though we got in a super huge supply of awesome new hentai that I’m super excited about getting my pervy little paws on – it’ll have to wait till next week. Because this week something amazing happened, besides the most awesome 30th birthday ever, got access to my favorite studio of all time! Welcome Bel Ami, come to Frzkey!

I absolutely adore this studio, the guys are young but not as young as you’d think (my favorite, Lukas Ridgeston, is actually five years older than I am) toned, tight, uncut and so super fucking gorgeous! If only they had a few more with tons of tattoos they’d be beyond perfection. Movies from Bel Ami vary in plot from simple auditions, romantic little epics and site seeing excursions to exotic locales. And I don’t know how the scenes manage to be so super hot, full of eye popping color and beautifully choreographed at the same time but – oh my gods it’s an eye candy-stravaganza!

Okies, enough of me gushing without seeing this particular movie; ok, maybe just one more little squee of joy then onto the film! Squeeeeee!

Everything starts with the guys getting woken up on a winter day with a full camera crew and an absolutely adorable Labrador Retriever. Their grumpy morning faces are adorable and we get several peeks beneath the sheets to see who is sporting morning wood. It’s no surprise that most of the guys are less than up to the early morning challenge but it is still an adorable scene, part tease part candid morning ritual. Unfortunately after that everyone gets dressed and heads to the slopes for the skiing part of the adventure.

The guys joke, rough house and show off on the slopes and then things get back to the porn with a kind of ‘Playhouse Confessions’ feel as the guys start confessing how hot they’ve been getting staying in the chalet and what they’ve been doing to relieve some of the tension on the trip. Did I mention that Bel Ami is a European company and that most of their performers don’t speak any English? Bonus as they express their raunchy ways in their native tongue and I just drool a little, there’s something so hot about a foreign language.

So I’m watching the scenes and, yup, beautiful choreography. Laid out just right so that we get the perfect far shots but so that the actors can still enjoy the scene and things never seem awkward. Sometimes you just want down and dirty fucking just like your used to and sometimes, when the sex is already awesome you want clean lines of site so you can see everyone’s face and the action. Somehow this deliberate and careful placement never seems static or over posed to me but gives the scene a kind of tender contemplation closer to a love scene than a wall to wall fuck fest.

Plus all that choreography really shows off the guys muscle in just the right way. That succulent curve of muscle over the backs of the thighs, up the buttocks and arching over the back; the way their ass cheeks flex as they thrust, the pull of muscle in their arms and shoulders while they suck cock. Mhmm, I can watch this for days and you almost feel like you do as each scene is pretty long by porn standards, not that I ever felt like hurrying these guys up. Uh uh, honey you go right ahead and do a really thorough job fucking and being fucked, nope I don’t mind watching the extra minute’s one tinsy bit!

I admit it Bel Ami is my dirtiest little secret. There’s nothing dark about the studio, the stable of hotties featured in “Alpine Adventure” are all fresh faced and even innocent looking. There isn’t even a hint of domination, humiliation, other fetish bits, piercings or hard and fast pounding like I usually like. Nothing is ever drawn in a hentai fashion, there’s no scifi plot lines or horror homages and there’s never any weird and inventive use of usually innocuous everyday objects.

Instead they’re like the heartwarming little romances I deny reading; kind of sappy, very sweet, the perfect fantasy getaway from the every day. Hell I’m sitting here daydreaming about how nice it would be to spend some time in a snow locked winter chalet, with a bevy of hot willing and available men, even though I’m already freezing my black ass off in this well heated and populous office. Yes, I recommend “Alpine Adventure” for just about everyone with a taste for hot guy on guy action or just a taste for hot guys as it’s great fantasy fodder.


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  1. Great review FrzKey!! This movie was amazing, the guys were gorgeous, just absolutely down-right GORGEOUS and the sex was so hot.

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