Akiba Girls

Studio: Japan X Category: Hentai

“Akiba Girls” starts off totally adorable. The lead character, Nikita Shindou, is a total Otaku (a Japanese word for particularly obsessive anime, manga and video game fans) – so much so that he sees his life as just a 3D version of a video game. It’s a relatively rare type of character in anime and hentai alike because Otaku are usually considered to be cellar dwelling deviants of Trekky-like proportions – hopelessly un-rehabilitatable fantasy overloaded basket cases don’t usually make for great sexy fun or particularly heroic types.

At first thanks to his super Otaku status, all the sexy bits are entirely figments of Nikita’s mind. And as expected with the mind of a healthy young man, he’s rather boob obsessed. There are lots of super huge breasts in almost every scene. Unfortunately the sexy bits aren’t drawn very well and the actual animation of the sex scenes and bouncing jugs is seriously cartoony in places (Nikita’s ragging manhood for one.) Paired with a more serious plotline I don’t think it would work out so well, but with the comic setting and the manga obsessed character it seems to fit.

Nikita’s sex life is saved, thanks to some rather forward women who quickly usher him out of lonely geekdom and into the warmth of their loving embrace. Ok, maybe not loving, but certainly eager and willing! It’s a nice change from your reluctant hentai heroines and an absolutely necessary plot device to keep the reclusive but sweet Nikita from turning into a rampaging jerk. The scenes come off fun, explorative, innocent and geeky with just a tinsy touch of maturity starting to peak through as Nikita gains experience points with each new encounter. I’d have to say that the scene with Hatoko in the nurse’s outfit was the hottest – and most confusing of the movie.

By the end of “Akiba Girls” I’m actually feeling kind of bad for Nikita – poor thing went from virginal to oversexed toy boy in the blink of an eye. Though the story does take a less than cute turn when Nikita figures out what’s been bothering his adopted sister Mei. Over all “Akiba Girls” left me with a smile and I’m sure it’ll leave you with a wet spot. Give it a shot.

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