Afterschool Special and Turn Me Up, Over and On

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Studio: Fatale Media Category: Lesbian

In this movie, you get two for the price of one, and both are more than worth it. It starts out with “Afterschool Special.” This is made by amateurs, but you’d never believe it. This ‘bad girls vs. the good girl dyke gang bang’ is so unbelievably hot. The good girl is good at what she does, and so is the hot butch banging and fisting her as she sucks another bad girl’s dick. By the end of this film, I was wishing that I was a good girl in Boston, just so I could be fucked into being a bad girl! The fun doesn’t end there – there is a short burlesque bit, followed by film two of the double feature: “Turn Me Up, Over, and On.” I thought the first one was hot, and this one is too, but in a completely different way. The butch/femme couple here has unbelievable chemistry, and the orgasms are intense. They come early, and they come often. Very hot. By themselves, these are two sexy and enjoyable films. Together, they make for a steamy night, either alone or with a partner. If you like what you see in this film, check out others from Fatale Media.
-Essin’ Em

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