Top Five Tuesday – FemDoms

I like a lady who’s in charge. Dress her up in heels, rubber and throw a flogger in her hand and I’m head over heels. These are my favorite FemDoms and they demand that you worship them too!

 Image Jewell Marceau: Marceau is one of the world’s most renowned fetish models and has received numerous awards since she began modeling in the mid-nineties. I don’t really care about all of that, I just love the way she commands a scene and her sub! If you’re not into fetish flicks, but want to see this beauty in action, check out our review of Sybian Rides 4 Cash – Jewell Marceau.  
Isabella Sinclaire: This stunning Dom is the brilliant woman behind The Ivy Manor and GwenMedia, two of the most incredible fetish studios out there. Knowing that she’s responsible for one of my favorite lesbian fetish movies, Kinky Girlfriends, I can’t help but worship her just a little.
Image Irene Boss: I’ll admit that sometimes films are a little too extreme for me, but I have crazy respect for Irene Boss and the empire she’s built. She commands your attention whenever she’s on screen and does some great work with gender play. I couldn’t make this list and not include her!
Rocco Never Dies Anastasia Pierce: Pierce hasn’t been around as long as the other women on my list, but her resume is hella impressive and she makes my belly feel funny whenever I see her on screen. After working for the top companies in the business, including GwenMedia, she started Anastasia Pierce Productions in 2005 and has been putting out hot flicks ever since. Their latest release, S.O.S. Strap On Sluts, is on my must see list and star Marceau, Pierce, Jean Bardot and HM4Her favorite Madison Young.

So, I realize there are only four amazing women here, but I’m struggling to find a fifth that can compare. I would rather leave the list as is for now, but please feel free to offer suggestions of a fifth amazing woman who deserves to be added.

-The Porn Librarian

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