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Hot Toy Reviews: Tantus Mark 02

My slutty little heart skipped a beat when Janie led me downstairs to the secret box of sex toys and told me to pick something. I shifted packages around, discovering G-spotters, butt plugs of all sizes, harnesses, bright pink vibrators, and then I saw it: a girthy, realistic dildo from Tantus, and I knew that my vagina finally had Friday night plans. I’d heard so much about Tantus and their excellent 100% silicone dildos, vibes, cock rings, and plugs, and I finally had one of my own: the Mark 02, a non-vibrating, realistic dildo with a flared end that makes it … Continue reading Hot Toy Reviews: Tantus Mark 02

Purity 2

Are you one of those folks who likes to feel that little sense of wrong-doing when you’re getting off?  Maybe the kind of person who is going to stroke it while ordering Chinese food or blow a load because you know it’ll make you five minutes late to work? Well then, the Purity 2 dildo (by Blush) may be the toy for you. On one hand, this sleek purple tool is playing coy: it has a heart-shaped base, it comes in a sweet brushed purple, and it’s a totally reasonable six inches. However! That sleekness is a satin finish that … Continue reading Purity 2

The Veronica Harness by Velvet Nest

I am a very femme, girly girl. I like makeup and dresses and even have been known to enjoy wearing a heel or two. And I am a queer girl who loves to strap on a big cock and fuck with abandon. While I have used plenty of awesome harnesses in my day, they’ve all been generally perfunctory and practical for the job, without incorporating too much femme pizzazz. Mostly black nylon affairs with plastic adjusters and metal snaps, though I have coveted fancier toys with glitter and trappings. It wasn’t until I randomly ran across Velvet Nest did I … Continue reading The Veronica Harness by Velvet Nest

Aslan’s Simple Harness

When it comes to sex toys, there is just about something for everyone.  If you aren’t interested in the shape or color of this toy, that one on a shelf across the room that will make you feel all tingly in your pants.  Same goes for harnesses – some folks dig the glitzy apparatus with all the glitter and embossed leather, while others are just looking for a simple kit to keep their dick strapped on tightly.  Today simple is what we are talkin’ – with Aslan’s Simple Harness, from Usually known for their superior leatherwork, Aslan Leather has … Continue reading Aslan’s Simple Harness

The Anaconda Is Serious

The Anaconda is one serious silicone dildo.  It comes in at a commendable 7 inches in length and 1.75 inches in width, but it isn’t necessarily the size makes this thing the alfa cock.  The Anaconda is heavy and dense.  It also has a handle.  If you hit someone with it, there is a good chance you would knock them out or at least confuse them for a few minutes.  But, we’re not really here to talk about violence, we’re here to talk about masturbating with a really nice Tantus dildo.  I’m extremely thankful that the fabulous folks at SheVibe … Continue reading The Anaconda Is Serious

Big Boy Dildo By Happy Valley Silicone

First off, I want to say hello to our new friends at!  We are pretty excited about working with these folks.  Their site is awesome – they offer up body friendly toys (just the way we like it) and they have some pretty cool art on all of their pages.  If you like comic books, or even just comic book covers, you will love their looking at their site.  I’ll move on to the toy review, but I had to take a moment show some love to our new pals. The very first toy that we are reviewing from … Continue reading Big Boy Dildo By Happy Valley Silicone

Smooth Lover Silicone Dildo

I love silicone dildos.  It doesn’t matter if they’re big, small, plain or fancy, I love all of my children.  Body friendly and odor free, they all have a place in my toy bin (nightstand if they’re good enough). The Smooth Lover is fairly small coming in at 6″ x 1.25″.  It has a flared suction cup base (making it safe for anal play), and a curvy raised design along the side, with two nubs – one at the base of the head and one at the base of the cock.  Aptly named Smooth Lover, this toy has a smooth, … Continue reading Smooth Lover Silicone Dildo

Pink Ring Glass Dildo

A chance encounter with the Doctor may have changed my sex life forever.  He is Dr. Dildo of, the doctor of glass.  When meeting him at The Dinah in Palm Springs, I felt he was somewhat out of place.  He was in the land of women, standing solely as the ‘man.’  After talking with him and hearing his reasons and passions for glass, I felt nothing but compassion and empathy for him.  His glass idea came to him while helping an ex-girlfriend.  Yes, an ex.  That alone speaks highly of Dr. Dildo.  He still helps his exes.  He was … Continue reading Pink Ring Glass Dildo

Sinful Screw

Screw you!  No, wait, screw me – please!  We all know that screwing is totally hot, and it only gets hotter when sex toys are involved.  It only makes sense that the ultimate caliente combo would be a screw sex toy – and that’s just what we’ve got from MyPleasure!  The Sinful Screw anal dildo! A beautiful blue translucent toy made of phthalate-free TPE, the Sinful Screw is a great addition to anyone’s anal toolbox.  Measuring in 6 ¾ inches insertable length and just under one inch wide, this screw is perfect for both beginners and the more experienced.  It … Continue reading Sinful Screw

Cucumber – A Beautifully Bumpy Glass Dildo

J.D. already told the story the Dildo Dr, but I’ll go ahead and give a quick overview in case you missed.  At the epic weekend that was Dinah, J.D. and I  stepped away from the HotMoviesForHer cabana and went for a little walk to check out the venders and to say hello to the other awesome folks working the event.  It was then that we met the Dildo Dr.  In honor of those with latex allergies he sells glass dildos so peeps can enjoy the joys that sex toys have to offer without getting itchy and whatnot.  We let him … Continue reading Cucumber – A Beautifully Bumpy Glass Dildo