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Go Play: Fantasy Vibe by Blush Novelties


Fantasy Vibe from Blush Novelties


mini skinny

This noisy little pet will get the job done, and quickly. The see-thru aspect will appeal to your 90s kitsch, but the length, size, and flexibility will appeal to your baby bits.

requires//two AA batteries

noise//< < < < <

vibration settings//increasing. as you turn the knob the toy gradually gets stronger, no settings.






  • waterproof, so get funky in the shower

  • multi-speed through knob, not buttons

  • flexible

  • translucent for that 90s charm




  • pretty noisy; not discreet

  • multi-speed through knob, not buttons (could go either way)


in full

Visually this is not the most appealing dildo that I have in my collection, but also not the least attractive. You can see the bullet through the pink-tinted silicone near the head of the shaft, and it is probably one of the largest bullets I have laid eyes on. Since the phthalate free, TPR material is pretty translucent, you can also see the cord from the bullet running down the middle to the base. The cord doesn’t leave the waterproof dildo though (this baby is all batteries), you turn it on you simply turn base.  Here is where my confusion came in, I turned it all the way and originally thought this was one speed – super fast. It wasn’t until I was turning it off that I realized that if you only slightly turn the knob, it actually is multi-speed.

The dildo is rather large – 7.5 insertable inches – for my normal purposes, but I made do, and don’t get me wrong – it did its job, and fast. It could have been because I started out on superfast speeds, or the large size, or the giant bullet that is making the vibration.

The down side of this vibrating dildo is that it is really loud if you are not using it for full penetration. The more divulged it is, the quieter it gets, but if you are into pumping action it actually makes a revving sound that you might not want to use and be so obvious about if your parents or children or significant other are around.

My favorite part of this dildo is that it is flexible. Vibrating dildos are not normally my thing, I’m a girl that like a lot of clitoral stimulation. The flexible material allowed for me to get creative and the material allowed the vibration to transcend entirely down the shaft and still remain powerful.

If it weren’t for the loud volume of the vibration I would give this 8 out of 10 stars (if we used a star rating system here). But since it is noisy, I have to stick with a seven. The other two points off are due to it not being really clear that the speed can be adjusted and it not having a feature so I could easily use my other hand to adjust the speeds.  I do, however, understand the need for the design to be the way it is though so it can remain waterproof.


Find out where to buy this. And be a fan of Blush. They may toss me a toy here and there to review, but we have an agreement — no bias bs, just orgasm rating.



Go Play: OHM Flow by Blush Novelties


OHM Flow and its beautiful box

mini skinny

If you like your toys to feel like a freaking cloud and deliver wide vibrating coverage for clit teasing as well as be able to penetrate you till drool-flow, you found it with OHM Flow.

requires//two AAA batteries.

noise//< < < < <

vibration settings//ten. solids, then varying vibrations. power button is also settings.


OHM Flow popping out of the box




  • softest thing you will ever touch

  • head is full, but easily insertable

  • concave dip

  • that girth, ain’t no joke



  • requires batteries

  • only one button, so if you’re caught mid-buzz, too bad


    in full

    Firstly, Blush has done it again with their packaging. Is there any other company that strives to present sex toy fun in such an elegant and streamlined way? Pfffft. Not that I’ve seen. And for that, I’m a fan all the way.

    This particular Flow I used was mint green, and though I’ve seen the darling berry hue, I’m a fan of all green. So I’ll tell you what, somehow that made it more enjoyable. Honestly, am I just that high-maintenance that even color matters? The mind-blowingness of the massager, however, came not in color but in touch. It’s heaven to touch. It brought to mind tons of words that start with “f” and “s”, like svelte, feathery, soft, fine, silken, satiny, fuckable…and velvety. It’s made of pure hypoallergenic silicone, and is pfthatlthapfzsate  phthlalate-free, so it’s nice and safe and zen for your baby bits.

    I really, really didn’t like that I had to dig through all my electronics to find something that still worked on AAA batteries (note to emja: they are available to buy). First-world problems, ya know? So I took some out of my mini chime clock and unscrewed Flow’s lid. It doesn’t say how to put the AAAs in, but if someone complains about that then you need to back away from the electronic anyway. And once in, just twist, and push the only button on the toy there is. A nice, light, steady vibration kicked in, but I was in no mood for teasing, so I went right to setting three: the hard buzz.

    The noise really was soft, and I felt truly at ease because of it. I didn’t use lube, but if you do, keep the toy soft and clean and use water-based. I loved putting the head of it to my clit because there was a wider space to work with. If it gets too pin-pointy I get jumpy and it’s no good for anyone. I’ve been known to kick a good man once or twice purely out of nerve reaction for too much pointy-tongue.

    Since the girth is a rather nice size for a massager, and the insertable length is 4.75 inches, best believe I rode that thing like a happy animal. It was great, wasn’t too big (I’d offend the boyfriend if it was, anyway), and definitely not tiny, so I relished in the fuck-and-buzz method I prefer. Although I played around with the pulsating settings, pulses aren’t really what I’m looking for (I’ve mentioned that before), but honestly if it was missing I’d be bummed. Don’t ask; I’m odd in preference.

    I finished not too quickly, because I was having fun with my method. It was an orgasm that was powerful, and I’d like to attribute that to the wider head of it, creating vibrations that were strong and more spread around the surface of my clit-zone. I had fun. I wanted to buy the Flow a drink or give it the preferential side of the bed for the night, but washed it off with anti-bacto soap instead. Also, don’t submerse this, or any of the OHM vibes. It’s waterproof, but I cherished it so much that I didn’t even dare bring it into the shower in case I got carried away.



    Find out where to buy this. And be a fan of Blush. They may toss me a toy here and there to review, but we have an agreement — no bias bs, just orgasm rating.


Go Play: Muse Massager by NS Novelties

Muse Massager in Pink by nsnovelties



mini skinny

This little guy is damn adorable. I fought through the urge to just keep the widdle baby on my desk to stare at every day, and had to give it a test run. Trust me, it looks cute but makes you feel pretty bad-girl good.


requires//just pre-charge it. it’s battery-free, which is heaven.

noise//< < < < <

vibration settings//ten. three solids, then varying. you change them by poking his eyes out! (you don’t feel bad, i swear)








  • what, what, what UP bath time?! (water-resistant)
  • his eyes light up into expressions in blue led lights
  • fits right in your hand (see vine), so it’s easy to hold for a while
  • the ears position on either side of the clit for like, holy-shit complete attention


  • clitoral-only, so those that crave penetration — sorry kids
  • trying to push the eyes to change settings can get tough, and distracting
  • it doesn’t come in blue. that’s the only other negative i could think of

    in full

    The first statement I have about this little buzzy animal wonder is that I have never “squee’d!” half so much over a sex toy as much as I did this one when I received it. To boot, I opened it up, and was shocked at the size of it. It’s so mini! I love mini things! And by mini I mean that it fits into the palm of your hand. More on this bonus feature later. It’s so adorable I swear to the heaven heroes that I just wanted to leave it on my desk to look at all day, every day. It is a smile bringer, before you even turn it on! Gah!

    Okay so when I got over the fawning and cuddling of it, I plopped down for a review, solo edition. You turn it on my pressing into the eyes. You don’t get creeped out for some reason, though now that I am writing it and thinking about it, I’m wondering, wait, am I just a sicko? I’m pressing into the eyes of a bunny. Anyway, this can be a little tough to do if you’re in the middle of getting to full arousal and want to switch it up. The left side goes forward in changing settings, the right side (this is as you look at it face-to-face) goes backward. So if you aren’t looking and click the wrong eye, you can get kinda “wtf” for a moment.

    What makes this so special, however, are the buzzing ears. They are molded to fit right around your clit, giving it a happy little nuzzle of pleasure. When I go to use a toy though, I’m an everywhere, keep it moving type girl. Honestly, the ears allow for that, and in a way it can be better than just a solid shaft of vibration. But that’s me, I’ll leave the wand girls to their wands. I like bursts of everywhere on my muffin.

    What I usually can’t stand is holding a vibrator and then getting numb hand. Doesn’t that suck? You finally finish and you feel like your hand could just emit waves of stimulation held in mid-air. What worried me is that because it’s hand-held, and your digits wrap around it, that it was a sure-fire sign of mastur-numbing. Not so, my friends. The vibrations were pretty concentrated to just the ears. Climax after climax, when it was time to be cleaned and put away, my hand felt normal.

    This guy popped up on a Buzzfeed list a while back on Twee Sex Toys, and I giggled at the novelty of it, and how I shared my adoration for Muse with so many others. Then this one jerk commenter mentioned “does this girl know that these are sex toys?” Well look, I love sex toys that don’t look like a freaking sex toy, and it adds in my passion for it. As long as it gets the job done, then I want personal massagers decorating my desk in every form of cuteness and cool factor. This is so far, the best I’ve seen. It goes hand-in-hand. The ten vibrating functions get really powerful, or gentle, or varied, and I used them all. It charges via included wall port, so yay for that, and it’s easy to clean in that smooth satiny silicone finish.

    My vine highlights the changing facial expressions by the way, so squee away, I won’t judge, I’ll join you.



    Find out where to buy this (in black, but they also have purple) and all of those loverly things they make over at

Go Play: Joydream by Blush Novelties

Joydream of the Serendipity line from Blush Novelties




mini skinny

This is a great standard addition to the collection of posh people. It has the light-to-extreme vibration settings, and is rechargeable, and also looks beautiful and is a total betty.


requires//an outlet. this toy is rechargeable. no batteries!

noise//< < < < <

vibration settings//ten. three solids, then varying.




  • rechargeable! i really hate batteries and i never have them
  • gorgeous appearance with blue led power and setting buttons
  • the satin silicone is easy to clean
  • turn it concave or convex or even pinpoint to what gets you off best



  • not totally whisper quiet
  • power button can get in the way when you’re workin’ that thang


in full

Grabbing this toy out of the simple-pretty box, I was impressed. The pink satin silicone and smooth chrome toy was gorgeous and curvy, and I kinda wanted to whip the thing out and show it off to my friends. Just the look of it made me want to slam my body down and wind it all around my bits asasasap. I plugged it in to charge it up, but in only ten minutes of impatience it started buzzing when I clicked the little blue power button.

With the first use I didn’t really explore the speed and pulse settings, I just sort of moved around the thing, trying to find the right curve that would fit me into the “groove”. Game over. I found it right away, so all in all that first use lasted 1min48sec. The second use I gave it a go using all curvy functions and speeds. The pulsating settings are fun if you like bursts of buzz, but I prefer to slide it up, down, little in, more there, with one speed.

Then I tried it during sex. Oh muffin fuck. Let me tell you what. It’s not massive or bulky, so allowing penetration while also centering lil’ Joydream isn’t that tough to do. And while some of y’all might be more experienced with sex and vibration hoo-hah, my partner was not, and he almost couldn’t last because he loved it so much. That curve…that curve makes all the difference in allowing room for all.

The only gripe I had was that during both solo and duo romps, my hand kept accidentally turning it off. If I turned it this way or that way, it was either my thumb or pointer finger that pushed down a little too hard and interrupted that ‘bow chicka bow wow’ moment to bliss. Even switching the button with the settings click-spot would do it for me, but as it is, well there you go. Maybe my hands are freakishly shaped, who really knows.

My official recommendation, however, is get that damn piece of happy play time right now. It’s gotta be a standard, especially if you’re a classy broad who likes toys that just look…pretty. Blush has an entire line of Serendipity products, so if you want a different shape, you have six other varieties to choose from (including a rabbit), all in that flirty-ish rose-blush color.



Find out where to buy this and all of those loverly things they make over at Blush Novelties


Had all 50 shades of Gray? Looking for 69 rays of color?

Maybe you read fifty shades and loved it and want more, or maybe it was just to scandalous for you to be caught with even if you secretly wondered. Whether you are just too shy to be caught reading it or you finished all of the books and now are left with an emptiness needing to be filled I have some GREAT suggestions guaranteed to please you ;).

For those of you who are still in the closet about your love of erotic literature some safely discrete options for you:

The “Sweet” series by Maya Banks is absolutely titillating. The covers are pictures of juicy fruits and from beginning to end each of her books is a juicy read. There are currently six books in the series each one featuring a different approach to sex. Every novel gives us a great balance of the romance we love as well as the heat we crave and a little action thrown in to keep it exciting.

Shayla Black’s “Wicked Lovers” series is most certainly worth mentioning! There are seven books so far and while some of the covers are a little more descriptive don’t let that turn you away, there are a few like Delicious that from the outside could just be really interesting cook books….at least they certainly got my imagination cooking…I do want to be honest and say that personally there were a few frustrating moments pulling my emotions all different directions, during these books, however overall they were very pleasing.

For those of us who are out, proud and looking for more. I sincerely suggest checking out:

Cherise Sinclair’s “Shadowlands” Series, it will literally hold you captive. All of the books in this series are red hot reads. You definitely don’t read these for the plot so if you like a lot of story line in your stories don’t waist you time here. However if you like a lot of steamy hot dripping with intensity moments you will love these. Oh and for once its not only the “alpha male” she shows the female Dom’s perspective beautifully.

Eve Berlin is wonderfully tempting. I find it hard to pick just one of her books to recommend to you she is absolutely check out worthy. She writes some seriously steamy scenes while still capturing the beauty of the moments.

There are so many great options out there but these should get you started off nicely. As for me I’m off to curl up with Vic in “Wicked Burn” by Beth Kery mmm he can take me to bed any night!


Book Review: Fifty Writers On Fifty Shades of Grey

The first thing I think you need to know in all of this is that I borrowed a copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey from my mother.  That’s right, to get this review under way, I wanted to first read the actual book before reading essays on the book, so I asked my mother if I could borrow her precious copy.  Yes, my mother is a diehard fan of 50 Shades, and while she raised a super sex-positive, academic pervert, I would not classify my mother as especially open about these things.  In fact, she as a motherly and suburban as they get, which is totally fine, and also the demographic that gone completely wild for these books.  And she is no exception.

I’ll be the first person to admit that I was hesitant to read 50 Shades.  As much as I have been known to enjoy a vapid love story (*cough, cough Twilight), I had heard many reviews from friends that the negotiation was iffy, the sex unbelievable and the main female character a little too passive.  I wasn’t planning to bother with it, but once Fifty Writers On Fifty Shades of Grey graced my desk, I knew I’d have to get in on the hype.

Now, I realize that this is not a review of 50 Shades of Grey, so I will keep my comments brief.  All I will say is that I have mixed feelings.  I love me some power exchanges and am a big fan of dirty writing, so I did enjoy some of the sexy parts, but I was not impressed with the ways that kink was pathologized, how negotiation was represented, the unrealistic expectations and the incredibly irritating avoidance of the word “vagina” – in any form (seriously people, I cannot STAND the phrase “apex of my thigh”).  Anyway, this review isn’t about how I feel about 50 Shades – it’s about how other people feel about it…  Fifty other people… Fifty specific people… Fifty writers.

Yep, Fifty Writers On Fifty Shades of Grey snatches this super popular smutty novel from the clutches of horny women everywhere and lays it out on the table to be dissected by all different types of writers.  From sex educators and erotic writers, to lawyers and PhDs – everyone gets a turn at giving their point of view.  To get it all in, editor Lori Perkins breaks the book down into seven different sections, including Fifty Shades of Writing, Fifty Shades of Romance, Fifty Shades of BDSM, Fifty Shades of Pop Culture and more.  Each section offers up a variety of perspectives on the subjects at hand – be it erotic writing, kink, the popularity of the book, etc.

While I really enjoy delving deeper into how 50 Shades has changed the erotic writing niche, and taking a closer look at the ways the book has morphed into an instruction manual on greater pleasure for some women, I have to admit that my favorite essay in this collection is Laura Antoniou’s “Fifty Shades of Holy Crap!”.  It truly is a perfect satire of the series.  Antoniou hits on all of the elements of the story in a light and teasing way, but actually gets to the point of the ridiculousness of some of the book.

Also mixed in with the academic, intellectual, and funny essays are a few pieces that offer up the same erotic thrill that 50 Shades brings to the table.  “The Collar of Blue Stones” by Pamela Madsen is super sexy and sensual, yet somehow still stays on point talking about the book.  Oh man do I love me some pervy smartypants!  And with this book you get fifty of em!

As an added treat, not only are we reviewing the book, Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey, we had the good fortune of nabbing interviews with a few of the book’s writers – Marci Hirsch, Midori and Rachel Kenley.  Keep an eye out for their 20 questions coming soon!

Satiate your desires with Fifty Writers On Fifty Shades of Grey!

Purity 2

Are you one of those folks who likes to feel that little sense of wrong-doing when you’re getting off?  Maybe the kind of person who is going to stroke it while ordering Chinese food or blow a load because you know it’ll make you five minutes late to work? Well then, the Purity 2 dildo (by Blush) may be the toy for you.

On one hand, this sleek purple tool is playing coy: it has a heart-shaped base, it comes in a sweet brushed purple, and it’s a totally reasonable six inches. However! That sleekness is a satin finish that brings one’s boner to half-mast. That heart-shaped base is actually a suction cup so that one can grind themselves off more securely. And those six inches flare to a pleasing fill and ends with a little curve to create a proper g-spoter or prostate tickler. Yeah, after the Purity 2 makes you blush like a schoolchild, it’ll make you cum like a trucker.

The Purity 2 is more than just flirty air-headed design; it’s also made of 100% medical grade silicone. Which makes it the dildo equivalent to that part in the movie when the nerd pulls off her glasses to reveal that she’s hot: this little bastard has it all! That means that it just takes one good ten-minute stove top boil or dishwasher cycle to get it sterile again.

Plus, silicone transmits vibration like a champ. Go on, stick your favorite vibrator against the base and you’ll be feeling those waves in the back of your teeth in no time. Silicone also absorbs the body’s heat, which can feel more natural than some of those harder/softer materials out there. Yes, the scientist that discovered silicone truly deserves the Nobel Piece-of-Ass prize.  

So you’ve heard some of the good parts, but there are some of questionable parts of this delightful dil to be aware of. One: it’s my belief that this satin finish demands a lot of lube. Without a hefty fire-hosing of lubrication, the finish can cause a little drag on entry in the front or the back. Two: the suction cup is not industrial enough to handle deep porn-ish thrusts. If you’re a bucker when you fuck, you might prefer to have the Purity 2 additionally strapped in, otherwise, you might thrust right into a wall. And if that’s your kink then god speed!

Overall, this is a sweet little workhorse of a dildo to add to anyone’s collection. The Purity 2 is moderate enough for most holes in your body, which makes me feel like it’s the perfect weekday fuck buddy. So add it to your grocery list. It’s sturdy, stout, well made, and ready to put out!

Check out the Purity 2 for yourself on!


The Veronica Harness by Velvet Nest

I am a very femme, girly girl. I like makeup and dresses and even have been known to enjoy wearing a heel or two. And I am a queer girl who loves to strap on a big cock and fuck with abandon. While I have used plenty of awesome harnesses in my day, they’ve all been generally perfunctory and practical for the job, without incorporating too much femme pizzazz. Mostly black nylon affairs with plastic adjusters and metal snaps, though I have coveted fancier toys with glitter and trappings. It wasn’t until I randomly ran across Velvet Nest did I find a harness that fits my personality, as well as my hips and dicks – The Veronica!

This black and white polka dot harness is decidedly feminine, with a sweet panty shape and a pretty bow at the top. Made of vegan/vegetarian friendly cotton, metal D-rings and an interlocking Velcro system that holds a cock firmly in place, Veronica offers up the perfect marriage of form and function. Because it’s so streamline and subtle, this harness can be worn underneath clothes with little detection. I even wore it out to a dance party under a skirt and it was comfortable the whole night long. And if it had been glimpsed on the dance floor, everyone would have just thought they got a peek at my undies.

Along with being attractive and comfortable, Veronica is really good at keeping a cock steady and ready to fuck. The Velcro system I mentioned above surrounds the base of the dildo, holding it tight, and is easily adjusted to fit various-sized dicks. The Velcro takes the place of an o-ring, so you don’t have to worry about having the correct-sized ring for each time you want to switch dicks. I was a little concerned that the Velcro wouldn’t hold my dildo tight when the heat turned up a notch, but it did an awesome job of holding up to the hardest of fucking and rapid penetration. I was very impressed.

Before Veronica arrived in the mail, I was a little worried about the sizing. As a zaftig lady, I want to make sure any toys I buy are going to fit me correctly and comfortably. I ordered the 1X/2X, as that is the biggest size, at 42”-48” and even though my hips are less than 48”, they aren’t too much less, so I wasn’t sure if the harness would fit. While it does fit, I will say that it is snug and there is not a lot of strap left at the ends. Luckily the metal D-rings hold the straps tightly to my body and I am able to use Veronica just fine. It does definitely leave indentations on my hips after I take it off though. Nothing painful or so much that I wouldn’t use the harness, but I have noticed the marks. No biggie on my end though.

I am really impressed with Veronica and think that Velvet Nest has really filled a gap in the sex toy industry. One day I hope to have fun with her sister, Betty, and their Lacy Harness friends!

Get a Veronica Harness of your own!

Aslan’s Simple Harness

When it comes to sex toys, there is just about something for everyone.  If you aren’t interested in the shape or color of this toy, that one on a shelf across the room that will make you feel all tingly in your pants.  Same goes for harnesses – some folks dig the glitzy apparatus with all the glitter and embossed leather, while others are just looking for a simple kit to keep their dick strapped on tightly.  Today simple is what we are talkin’ – with Aslan’s Simple Harness, from

Usually known for their superior leatherwork, Aslan Leather has branched out to include vegan harness options.  Along with offering up rubber and vinyl models, Aslan also brings a totally paired down version made of durable nylon webbing, sturdy plastic snaps and adjusters and a rubber ring with a little give.  Simple is as basic as you can go, yet maintains the same integrity and quality as Aslan’s fancier toys.

While the Simple harness may look like just another cheap harness you could get at the porno shop down the street that sells jelly rubber toys in on the back wall, don’t let its unencumbered facade fool you.  She may be plain, but her high quality materials, expert engineering and specific touches bring her worlds away from that cheap crap that will end up falling to pieces after a few uses.  I like to think of Simple as the Toyota of dildo harnesses – she may not have the sparkle of a BMW, but you’ll still be riding her 20 years later, with nary a maintenance break.  Seriously folks, Aslan is good at what they do.

What makes me love the Simple harness so very much are, really, the simple things that they’ve done that make it so superior to other nylon harnesses I’ve seen and tried.  First up, they use nice and thick webbing that would be really hard to mess up, even if you tried.  While I admit that it is not perfect, I will say that the seams on the webbing are a lot less jagged than other ones I’ve played with.  I still might take a nail file to the sharper edges just to dull them a bit so you don’t get scratched.  When it comes to the snaps, I am so freaking excited that they made this with plastic ones.  Seriously, I don’t know if you’ve ever used a harness with metal snaps, but they are not only cold on the back, they rust when you clean your harness, which is totally counter-intuitive and super annoying.  I’ve been thinking about plastic snaps for a while, and this is the first time I’ve actually seem them.  And I can’t forget about the adjusters, which are made with strong teeth that keep the straps tight and your dick perfectly placed.

Along with the plastic snaps and strong teeth, I’ve got to say that I really like that it comes with only one ring.  Sure, I am not be able to fit all of my cocks into that size ring, but I’d be lying if I said that I had any idea where any of the other extra rings I have actually are in my house.  The last thing I need is another toy with 50 million parts to keep track of – and yes, I even mean a charger.   But if it did have more than one part, Simple does come with a cute little storage bag to keep it safe and clean between uses, so I would keep everything together in there.

Another stand out quality of the Simple is that while it comes with two straps to wear as a jock strap harness, you can actually take one off and use it as a g-string harness.  Talk about versatile!  I love that I have that option and don’t have to think about buying a second harness to get a different experience.  Oh, and speaking of straps, the hit strap is a lovely 56” long, so folks of many sizes can use this harness.  While that may not be a big deal to some folks, I identify as a fat person, and if a sex toy doesn’t fit me, it kind of puts a damper on the experience.

Quality construction and materials make this Simple harness simply a delight to wear!

Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind: An Illustrated Guide to Giving Her Amazing Orgasms

The big fantasy when it comes to sex education is that once high school is finished, everyone knows everything about sex that they will need to know for the rest of their lives.  Ok, I’ll wait while your laughter dies down.  It’s a ridiculous idea, isn’t it – made even more ridiculous by the fact that many sex education programs today are little more than cautionary tales that rely on preaching abstinence.  It’s no wonder that folks are getting to be adults and are clueless when it comes to sex.  Luckily there are people out there who are ready to answer those questions.  People like Shanna Katz, M.Ed, ACS, the author of Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind: An Illustrated Guide to Giving Her Amazing Orgasms.

This debut how-to by Katz (who, if you have stuck with HM4Her for a while, you know as Essin’ Em, our former blog master) is a basic primer on all things pussy licking – from beginner technique and form, to advanced moves, the likes that take an Olympic gymnast’s flexibility to pull off.  Along with tips and tricks, Oral Sex offers up a quick and dirty anatomy lesson, myth busting, a very needed chat about the usage of “vulva” vs. “vagina” (seriously people, there is a difference), and even a brief aside about not assuming that everyone that has a vulva and vagina is a woman or identifies as female.  It’s things like this that warm my little queer heart to the core.

Knowing Katz like I have for years (we went to sex school together as well), I was not surprised that this book is impeccably written and completely accessible for most folks to just pick up and read.  You don’t need to worry about jargon or anything like that.  Sometimes people don’t realize that if you make your book too intimidating or too “ivory tower,” no one will be able to, or want to, read it.  Oral Sex is easy to read, understand and follow, which is quite important when you are trying to convey instructions to people… especially people who are coming to you in a vulnerable state and admitting that they don’t know everything.

As a very visual learner, I really appreciate that this book is fully loaded with pictures that demonstrate exactly what the text is instructing.  No matter how clearly written the instructions are, I need to have that visual of what is happening for me to really get how to do it.  I excel at putting together IKEA furniture – case and point.

While I do really love having the pictures to learn from, I will say that I have mixed feelings about them.  First off, they are very high quality, elegant images.  More R-rated than X-rated, they make the book accessible to folks who are looking for something a little tamer.  I definitely applaud that, as I know how important it is to create safe spaces for all people, even in book form.  That said, I was disappointed by the images in three ways.  To start, I felt that the images were a little too “stock image-y” and looked a tad generic.

Second, I was unimpressed that only two models were featured and that they were white and thin; which leads me into my last disappointment – that the pictures created a wholly hetero-normative story.  I get that not everyone can be represented, but barely anyone was shown visually.  For me, that didn’t vibe with the tone of the text, which comes off as very inclusive and aware, especially with the added notes about gender and orientation.

All in all, Katz did a fantastic job of dishing out an accessible guide that will most definitely prove useful in upping her audiences’ pleasure.  Nice work!

Get your knowledge on with Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind!