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Babeland Body Kit

In planning an exotic weekend rendezvous with my honey, I threw the Babeland Body Kit into my overnight bag. The beautiful hotel we chose had one of those deep bathtubs, which made a perfect romantic setting to test out our kit- which was full of so many options of desire. I melted the Bath Fizzy in extra hot water, turning the bath into a purple bubble oasis. On the tile near the tub, I lit the aromatic Massage Candle. If you are a non-smoker such as myself, you often show up with a candle and no way to light it. … Continue reading Babeland Body Kit

Crown Condoms

You may love condoms, you may hate them. But most of you probably do/have/will use them. If you want the best condoms that money can buy, this is where it’s at. Crown’s Skin Less Skin are fabulous; you (and my male partners have agreed with this statement) feel like you’re riding bareback. Also, they seem to have way less of that skeevy latex smell that I associate with some brands of penis raincoats. They have a very high safety rating to boot. So let’s see, they smell better, work better and feel better than any other condom I have EVER … Continue reading Crown Condoms