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Aural Sex With Amie

I might be a bit of a stuttering Stanley when it comes to public speaking but get me in front of a hot broad open to receiving some dirty-flavoured talk and my mouth will carve out smutty sentences that would make a sailor blush (and get a boner). In my opinion, there is an underwhelming appreciation for dirty talk and strength it can have during sex. People seem to think dirty talk is synonymous with phone sex and then you can’t help but get images of those terribly crass phone sex ads in the back of magazines. Or that scene … Continue reading Aural Sex With Amie

HotMovies4Her Tips – Giving The Gift Of Porn This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Week, friends!  That’s right, love is in the air yet again as February 14th nears yet again.  Instead of heading to the local CVS for a heart-shaped Whitman Sampler or a stuffed gerbil that sings and dances when you press its hand, why not give your loved one the gift they really want – super hot sex!  And what better way to get into the sexy action than utilizing the tools you have in your tool box.  You know, like porn!  Today’s HotMovies4Her Tips offers up a few ways to incorporate dirty movies in your very special Valentine’s … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips – Giving The Gift Of Porn This Valentine’s Day

HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Basic Sex Tips

I’m not going to lie – now that Ginger Leigh has left the building and we are bringing our newest blogger, Janie Jones, up to speed, it’s been a little cray cray around the office.  I’ve been super busy working on various projects all day, but I wanted to make sure and offer up a few sexy tips to start this week off right.  Instead of coming up with a specific theme for the tips, I thought I’d just pass along a few overarching tricks of the trade that really fit into most sexual situations one may encounter. 1) Lube, … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Basic Sex Tips

HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Miracles of the Human Body

This year I did something I’ve never done the whole time I’ve worked here at HM4Her… I let Hanukkah slip on by with nary a comment.  What kind of Jew am I?!?  I feel terribly guilty about it, so instead of giving you some straight up sex tips this week, I thought I might turn back time a few days and get a little miracle talk in – with Hanukkah being all about the miracle of the oil lasting eight days and all.  Check out these 4 sexy miracles of the human body! 1) Vaginal Rugae – This series of … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Miracles of the Human Body

HotMovies4Her Tips: Sex In The Shower

Shower sex can take many directions.  It can be hot and intimate, cold (literally) and awkward, dangerous, or any number of descriptive words.  Some folks snarl at the idea while other can’t wait to drop their underpants and hop in for a wet romp.  Either way, we have some suggestions that will make getting dirty way more fun than getting clean in the washroom… a little safer too!  We reached out to our pals on Twitter and they gave us 2 out of our 4 tips.  Thanks, @FascinationsFun (#1) and @SophieDelancey (#2)! 1. Make sure you have something to hold … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips: Sex In The Shower

HotMovies4Her Tips: Heading Home For The Holidays

As of this week, we are officially entering Holiday Season 2012.  Welcome!  Along with great food and lots of cheer, for many of us the holiday season means heading back to our hometown and spending time with our family of origin (you know, the ones we were born into; not the friends we consider family).  And for some, this involves either bringing our partner into the fray, or heading to visit our partner’s family.  Whether it’s the first time or a repeat holiday performance, there is always questions of how to get hot and heavy when home for the holidays.  … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips: Heading Home For The Holidays

HotMovies4Her Tips: Footjobs!

Feet can be a great source of kinky pleasure.  Both the giver and receiver can derive satisfaction out of getting dirty with the tootsies.  For some, foot play is simply something new and different to explore, and for others it may be their ultimate fetish.  Whether you want to secretly tease your partner under the dinner table or make the evening about everything below the ankle, footjobs are fun! 1. Make sure your feet are clean, your toenails are trimmed and filed, and you’re free of rough calluses.  Some folks are into dirty feet, but unless you know that is … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips: Footjobs!

HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – Keeping Things Hot As It Gets Colder Outside

It has officially started getting cold here in the City of Brotherly Love (where HM4Her is located)!  As it is November now, that makes sense, but still, the air conditioners are leaving the windows and heavy duty plastic is going to take their place.  That said, being naked and cold is no fun.  Sure, it’s hard to get in the mood during the heat of summer, but taking it all off when the temperature drops is no picnic either.  Today we offer 4 tips on keeping things hot and steamy when the weather turns frosty. 1. Keep it covered.  Sure, … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – Keeping Things Hot As It Gets Colder Outside

HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – Getting Hot At The Halloween Shop

While there may be Christmas decorations already on sale at your local Target, we are actually only at October 22nd, which means that Halloween is still a little more than a week away!  And though it’s not official, Halloween has become a holiday that gives folks permission to let their sexiest selves out for the evening.  Just look at all the racy costumes that are on the racks! Since sultry is quickly moving right up the next to spooky on the list of adjectives for this haunting holiday, I thought it would be best to offer up four tips on … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – Getting Hot At The Halloween Shop

HotMovies4Her Tips: Eat Pussy Like A Porn Star!

Sure, it is true that a lot of the sex you see in porn is done for the camera and isn’t really a model for real life sex.  However, it is also true that many porn stars display skills that do way more than just pay the bills.  I could go on about different cunnilingus techniques, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again in the future, but today I encourage you to take a look at these talented porno ladies and take notes on how they use their lips and tongues! Enjoy the free clips below as Dani … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips: Eat Pussy Like A Porn Star!