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8 Things I’m Going To Miss About Working At HotMoviesForHer

Today is my last day here at HotMoviesForHer.  I’m excited about my new adventures in fitness, but there are some things (and people) that I’m going to miss.  I’ll still be dealing in sweaty bodies and making people feel good, but it won’t involve smut.  I’ve had a great run.  Here are some of the things I’m going to miss: 1. Eating lunch while casually watching porno at my desk. 2. Having important conversations about vaginas, cocks, anal sex, eating pussy, blowjobs, jizz, squirting, cuckolding, orgies, masturbation, and fucking. 3. Singing made-up songs like Strap-on Sally with my co-workers. 4. … Continue reading 8 Things I’m Going To Miss About Working At HotMoviesForHer

My TOP Top Five Tuesdays

Oddly enough, I’m getting verklempt over writing my last ever Top Five Tuesday post.  I decided to go with my favorite Top Five lists that either meant a little something to me or that tickled me.  Whoa!  Not like that, pervs!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this lists of lists and my very last Top Five Tuesday. Top 5 What The Fuck – Oh man, I love a good porno from the WTF category.  They’re good for a laugh and sometimes even a little dry heaving.  WTF movies aren’t like your average pornos and that is a good thing.  Invasion … Continue reading My TOP Top Five Tuesdays

HotMovies4Her Tips – Christmas Sex!

Hello and happy holidays from the ladies at HotMovies4her!  It is a great day here in the offices de la smut – we’ve got our icicle lights twinkling, the holiday love floating through the air, and the XXX-mas porno on our computer screens.  We always have sex on the brain so I thought today I’d talk about Christmas sex.  Well, at least sex-related things you can do that make the holidays way more exciting than eating fruit cake! 1. Sexy Clothing – There is something fun about waking up your boo on Christmas morning all dressed in a sexy outfit … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips – Christmas Sex!

Top Five Tuesday – Christmas Porno!

It Christmas time again and that only means one thing: It is time to get busy watching Christmas porn! Forget the eggnog and presents, it is all about festive dirty movies all day and night. I’ve compiled a list to make it easy on you so I hope you enjoy! Merry Fucking Christmas – Private always comes through with instant Christmas porno classics filled with beautiful women from all over Europe.  This Best Of flick features filthy dirty orgies and lots of sexy-santa-ladies.  We also get treated to a scene starring the gorgeous Alletta Ocean.  I hear if you stare … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Christmas Porno!

HotMoviesForHer Tips – Making An Amateur Porno

It’s time for some sex tips, folks!  We know you just itch to get through the weekend so you can come back and find out what pervy-ed things we have in store for you. This week we’re here to give you a few tips in how to make an amateur porno.  This isn’t an A-Z on what sex positions you should include or what equipment is needed.  We’re hitting you with some pointers that will help make your homemade adult movie a little more fun to watch in the long run. 1. Get The Pets Out Of The Room: I … Continue reading HotMoviesForHer Tips – Making An Amateur Porno

Top Five Tuesday – Top AVN Picks For 2013!

The nominees for the 2012 AVN Awards have been released! This means we pick through the best of the best and give you our picks for who should win what. Really, this isn’t an end all be all list of favorites. There were many that I would pick, but this is only a top five list so I did my best. Bet of luck to everyone! Vorracious: The First Season, John Stagliano/Evil Angel (Best Art Direction) – This movie totally blew my face off.  (That’s what happens when I like something).  First of all, the vampires are amazing.  They’re fast, … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Top AVN Picks For 2013!

Top Five Tuesday – Pornos I’m Thankful For

We watch a lot of porn around here. So much so that we’ve become truly thankful for the ones that are well made, artfully done, clever, and of course, hot. Most of the movies on my list aren’t brand new, they’re just really good movies that make my pervy eyes (and mind) happy. Thanks, porn! Turbo Rock – This porno is at the top of my list for comedy and good fuckin’.  April Flores and Ashley Blue (two ladies I adore) are a couple of groupies and total star fuckers.  Ashely’s anal-tastic scene with Dane Cross is super hot and … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Pornos I’m Thankful For

Link Love – Pig Bladder Condoms and PETA vs. Pubes

Hello and welcome to the mid-week stretch!  J.D. left a little early today and frighteningly enough, she left me in charge of this week’s Link Love.  While it is absolutely impossible to fill her shoes, I’m going to do my best to give you a few links to brighten up your hump day.  As my partner in porn (not like that) would say, I hope this gets you through until the weekend… or something. Wife Reads 50 Shades Of Grey, Divorces Husband For Not Being Erotic Enough from Jezebel (photo). Some early condoms were made out of pig bladders, while … Continue reading Link Love – Pig Bladder Condoms and PETA vs. Pubes

HotMovies4Her Tips: Footjobs!

Feet can be a great source of kinky pleasure.  Both the giver and receiver can derive satisfaction out of getting dirty with the tootsies.  For some, foot play is simply something new and different to explore, and for others it may be their ultimate fetish.  Whether you want to secretly tease your partner under the dinner table or make the evening about everything below the ankle, footjobs are fun! 1. Make sure your feet are clean, your toenails are trimmed and filed, and you’re free of rough calluses.  Some folks are into dirty feet, but unless you know that is … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips: Footjobs!

Top Five Tuesday: Top Pornos To Watch On Halloween!

We’ve been hunkered down riding out Hurricane Sandy here in the great city of Philadelphia for the last couple of days. We made it through safely and feel strongly that the porno must go on! There is no way we were going to let a little wind and rain stop us from one of our favorite posts of the year: Top Five Halloween Pornos! Halloween XXX Porn Parody – While this porno isn’t new, it is a must-have on any top Halloween smut list.  Lily La Beau is sought after by Michael Myers and she is totally into banging him … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday: Top Pornos To Watch On Halloween!