Tonight’s Agenda: Remembering Carlos

For our friends April Flores and Carlos Batts, we ask that everyone remotely close to Hollywood this evening stop by the Antebellum Gallery from 6-9pm to show your love and share in memories. All details are below.

In loving memory of Carlos and a lifetime of cherishing,

HMFH Staff



Remembering Carlos:
A Fundraiser for April Flores

Carlos Batts, filmmaker, photographer, artist, passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, way too young at age 40 on October 22.… More

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…Naked

Googled “Guy Fawks Porn”, was not disappointed.



Guy Fawkes, or Guido Fawkes, was a converted Catholic who tried desperately to see the Gunpowder Plot through in 17th century England. Though the plan to blow up The House of Parliament was never actually carried through, and Fawkes was caught in the basement of the day it was to happen (and killed because of it), every year on this day Brits celebrate the “safety of the king”.… More

The Best Of: Indifferent cats in amateur porn

I have a sort of obsessive tumblr addiction. Not in that I’m constantly tumbling, but that I’m in constant need of the weirdest and quirkiest tumblr pages. That being said, it was gold puffs of angel farts when I discovered this Tumblr about indifferent cats in amateur porn. One of those extremely self-explained pages, the mash-up of “trying to be at your sexiest” verses “your cat’s biggest derp moment” will possess you with laughter, bits of squee, and a trend of red-facing awkwardness.… More

Top Porn Studios Debut!

Today marks the first time in history where HotMoviesForHer VOD published our top studios in our theater. This is important mainly for one big gigantic reason: now you can make it easier on yourself to find what you like. Most studios focus on one main categorical theme. Let’s take two totally different studios to compare.… More