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About That Time We Filmed Tati Neves As A Porn Star

  So the big news hit, and it hit sites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, Jezebel, etc. We exclusively released Tati Neves having sex outside with a dude for money. She was a porn star. You heard it here first, kids! Now, to break some hearts. We didn’t film it, we just had it in our collection. It was released by the studio Reel Brazil, and it was released only to us. But hey, small mistake.   And, because I love you, here’s a clip for you to peruse (it is way not SFW obvs):   Hmmm…..doesn’t the box art look … Continue reading About That Time We Filmed Tati Neves As A Porn Star

Tonight’s Agenda: Remembering Carlos

For our friends April Flores and Carlos Batts, we ask that everyone remotely close to Hollywood this evening stop by the Antebellum Gallery from 6-9pm to show your love and share in memories. All details are below. In loving memory of Carlos and a lifetime of cherishing, HMFH Staff     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Remembering Carlos: A Fundraiser for April Flores Carlos Batts, filmmaker, photographer, artist, passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, way too young at age 40 on October 22. His wife and muse April Flores has been hit with costly bills and the Los Angeles arts community is rallying to … Continue reading Tonight’s Agenda: Remembering Carlos

When Harry Met Sally as a Group and Had a Flash Mob Orgasm

  My dream is to be part of a flash mob. I mean it’s both a literal dream and “as the saying goes” real-life desire. All I ever want is to break out spontaneously in a choreographed act with multiple people, garnering attention the crowd over and becoming a part of something that brings about surprise, smiles, and memories. It’s a bit cheesy but it’s MY dream, dammit, and I’m really, really hoping to accomplish this in 2014. So with this future path for myself not quite planned out, I do know who I can turn to for guidance and … Continue reading When Harry Met Sally as a Group and Had a Flash Mob Orgasm

Top Five Porn Scenarios I Can’t Stomach

And though I work as a porn commentator, of sorts, it is true that there are things that even I can’t handle. That really make me want to vom. Granted, these only occur about 21% of the time and I was warned that if I took this job there would “be things that cannot be unseen”. I can live with it, but it’s true when they say “to each fetish their own”.   1. Rectal Prolapse So the scene above is from Evil Angel’s Anal Casting Calls #2, and it’s a pretty minor relapse. In fact, I tried to look for … Continue reading Top Five Porn Scenarios I Can’t Stomach

The Top 8 Sexiest Projects of Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a gold mine, in so many different elements to so many different people. It could be a cause-related variation of digging through a record store; filtered by region, staff picks, tags, or time, you can find your perfect project to fund and even get into the action with rewards for how much you choose to donate. Last year alone, $319,786,629 was pledged toward campaigns by 2,241,475 people, and allowing 18,109 projects to be successfully funded for production. I took an extensive look into their current database, and amidst other awesome things I wanted to dedicate my paycheck to, found eight sexy projects that … Continue reading The Top 8 Sexiest Projects of Kickstarter

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…Naked

Googled “Guy Fawks Porn”, was not disappointed.     Guy Fawkes, or Guido Fawkes, was a converted Catholic who tried desperately to see the Gunpowder Plot through in 17th century England. Though the plan to blow up The House of Parliament was never actually carried through, and Fawkes was caught in the basement of the day it was to happen (and killed because of it), every year on this day Brits celebrate the “safety of the king”. They do this by burning a giant effigy of Fawkes, and many wonder if they are actually celebrating the stick-it-to-the-government attempts from long … Continue reading Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…Naked

The Best Of: Indifferent cats in amateur porn

I have a sort of obsessive tumblr addiction. Not in that I’m constantly tumbling, but that I’m in constant need of the weirdest and quirkiest tumblr pages. That being said, it was gold puffs of angel farts when I discovered this Tumblr about indifferent cats in amateur porn. One of those extremely self-explained pages, the mash-up of “trying to be at your sexiest” verses “your cat’s biggest derp moment” will possess you with laughter, bits of squee, and a trend of red-facing awkwardness.  

Top Porn Studios Debut!

Today marks the first time in history where HotMoviesForHer VOD published our top studios in our theater. This is important mainly for one big gigantic reason: now you can make it easier on yourself to find what you like. Most studios focus on one main categorical theme. Let’s take two totally different studios to compare. Girlfriends Films is a popular favorite across all our networks. It is constantly at the top of the bestseller lists, and it’s mainly categorized as a lesbian-focused studio with a LOT of oral involved. Elegant Angel, on the other hand, is a lot of gonzo … Continue reading Top Porn Studios Debut!

Halloween Tricks and Tweets from Pornstars

What are the naughty ones doing for the scariest time of the year? Thanks to social media, we can bippity-boppity check it out. Boo.       I love the first one the most, because it’s super sensual. Like catching TinkerBell in her most vulnerable, erotic moment. Hot and beautifully done. My little TinkerBell pussy 🙂 #Pussyshot #Halloween #teenporn #Tinkerbell #SamanthaRone #Green #Wings — Samantha Rone (@SamanthaRone) October 27, 2013   My Halloween costume FINALLY came in the mail today, Can’t wait to wear it!!!! — The Saint (@StevenStCroix1) October 29, 2013 I’m gonna eat you!! @peterwarren … Continue reading Halloween Tricks and Tweets from Pornstars

10 WTF Halloween Costumes With Their WTF Descriptions

If you get through this post without shaking your head in disgust, then….well I just don’t want to be friends with you anymore. Common denominator: boobs. blank A Peacock “The peacock is one bird that knows how to do it right. If you want to get the attention of someone special, just display some bright colored feathers and show off your best moves. Of course, most humans aren’t naturally born with a set of sexy feathers, but we got the cure for that. This costume brings together those beautiful feathers and a showgirl style that no bird could ever pull … Continue reading 10 WTF Halloween Costumes With Their WTF Descriptions