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Dinah Shore and The Feminist Porn Awards

Wow! It’s going to be a busy weekend for us here at We have Dee Viant and friends attending The Dinah Shore weekend in sunny Palm Springs, CA and Kelly Shibari attending The Feminist Porn Awards in freezing cold Toronto. Looks like Kelly pulled the short straw! Jusk kidding, both events are going to be action packed, but in their own different ways. While Dee Viant is at The Dinah and Kelly is at The FPA’s, both will be keeping us posted on the going-ons via twitter, facebook, and here on the blog. I will try to add anything … Continue reading Dinah Shore and The Feminist Porn Awards

Round 2 From The Ladies – February Newsletter

Round 2 – From The Ladies! Remember last month when we realized that has a mailing system? It turns out many of you read the mailer and liked it! Heck, we might give this thing a go every month. For those of you who may have forgotten, in January we found out that thousands of you had signed up to get emails from us. Who knew, right? Since you took the time to click that email signup button, we decided that it would only be right for us to send you out a newsletter treat, chock full of interesting … Continue reading Round 2 From The Ladies – February Newsletter

Greetings From HotMoviesForHer – January

Greetings From The Ladies! As it turns out, has a mailing system! Who knew?! And apparently over the last six or so years, a bunch of you have signed up to get emails and offers from us. Well, guess what – here we are with an awesome mailer AND an offer just to thank you for saying yes to our emails… even if you can barely remember signing up… When you log in, use the code ‘Mailer’ to get 20 free minutes on! Here are a few exciting things we’ve posted in the last few days: – The … Continue reading Greetings From HotMoviesForHer – January