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Abby – Part 2

Author: Writer_At_Large Category: Lesbian …Continued. “Ok,” Abby agreed. She went into the bedroom behind the partition to which Laura had gestured. Immediately, she was fascinated by the bed, which had padded restraints for ankles and wrists. In the middle of the bed lay what appeared to be leather underpants and a leather bra. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said as she stripped off her suit and reached for the clothing Laura had chosen for her. The bra was tight, and it had small holes through which the very tips of her nipples projected. The underpants seemed to be … Continue reading Abby – Part 2

Abby – Part 1

Author: Writer_At_Large Category: Lesbian Abby banged her shin painfully on a chair in her haste to escape the conference room. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No one seemed to have, so she fled the room gratefully. It was altogether too hot and stuffy in there, and the director of Tech Support was altogether too distracting. Walking back to her office made her a little steadier on her feet. Since her recent promotion to supervisor in Accounting, Abby rated an office instead of a peon-cubicle. Not that it was any bigger than a cubicle, but it did … Continue reading Abby – Part 1

Her Best Rescue

Author:Dorothy Dee  Category: Lesbian Elena was half asleep when she heard the women’s scream. She had thought the beach was empty. It was a foggy evening and no one else should have been in the water; it was choppy as though a storm were coming. Elena looked down the beach and saw that the other lifeguards were too far away to have heard the women. Panic overtook her and she grabbed her body board, blew her whistle, and plunged into the icy ocean. Only minutes later Elena was pulling her victim on shore. A minute after their toes had left … Continue reading Her Best Rescue

Chronicles Of A Beginner 1

Author:Amberly Nicole   Category: Lesbian I had heard of these clubs for sex before, I had thought of going to one but I had no partner nor did I ever get around to doing it. I fantasized what would happen if I went, it made me aroused, I grinned at my thoughts as I walked the empty streets at night. I got to thinking that maybe it was time to get a sexual partner, after all it had been a while. Time went on, as it was hard to meet people outside of the work place, especially when you are … Continue reading Chronicles Of A Beginner 1

Determined Nanny

Author:Tmamma Category: Lesbian Allison just graduated from high school and moved to San Bernardino to be close to College. It was a small place but it suited her fine. Clean place, great neighborhood, and no roommate’s drama to deal with. Only thing she had to do now was find a job. The money her mom gave her to get by wouldn’t cover everything. She woke up early for her Morning walk and rushed out the door. Halfway through her walk she noticed a flier on the mailboxes down the street of someone looking for a Night Nanny. Where she used … Continue reading Determined Nanny


Author: syntax  When I get bored I usually end up doing something totally insane or incredibly brilliant – either way it always turns out to be… interesting. So it was on such an occasion that I found myself set to drive a cab temporarily. The opportunity presented itself unexpectedly, and was actually a dare more than anything else, but when I took the bait. There was no backing out, so that set the stage, so to speak. I am a single, well-to-do female. At 35 I am considered, shall we say, “desirable.” I won’t lie,  I know this! I am … Continue reading Cabbie

A Good Morning

Author:Amberly Nicole   Category: Lesbian I opened my eyes seeing that the sun was beginning to come out. I glanced at the clock, realizing I only had an hour until my alarm would buzz. I let out a sigh. Last night had been a long night. Kailee, a girl from my class who I barely knew, had come over after dinner to work on our group project we were assigned to. It ended up taking way longer than we thought it would and finally finishing it at 3 am, I let Kailee sleep on my couch in the living room. … Continue reading A Good Morning

Go See The Doctor, Part 2

Author:ErotikLixxx4U   Category: Lesbian … Continued. Stacey, moaned again slightly, and was comforted by the doctor’s hand on her thigh. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second. If she didn’t know better, she would’ve sworn she could feel the doctors warm breath on her pubes, but she didn’t dare open her eyes. “Stacey, everything looks great so far, your responding wonderfully to direct clitoral stimulation. Right now I’d like for you to show me how you pleasure yourself.” Stacey blushed again, and the doctor smiled. “I know this is embarrassing, but in order to help you, I need to … Continue reading Go See The Doctor, Part 2

Go See The Doctor, Part 1

Author:ErotikLixxx4U   Category: Lesbian Stacey hated to go to the gynecologist. Even as she turned into the parking lot of the Reproductive Institute, the thought crossed her mind to turn around and go back home. Dr. Janeah Johnson came highly recommended by Stacey’s best friend Monica, when she shared the details of the problem she’d been having lately. Stacey sighed loudly as she pulled into a parking space up front. She had to give it to Dr. Johnson, she was so understanding on the phone when she made the appointment. Stacey was surprised and very pleased to find Dr. Johnson taking … Continue reading Go See The Doctor, Part 1

Paying For It, Part 2

Author:Deedee Blanks Category: Lesbian … continued. As the two older sisters were talking, Mary’s head was spinning from the events that had just transpired, but she was aware enough about what was going on when the Mother Superior offered, “Do you think we should have her lick our vaginas so we can have climaxes too?” “If she won’t do it, we can always give her one hundred more stroke on her bare bottom,” replied Sister Ellen. The next thing Mary saw was the huge hairy cunt of the Mother Superior as she sat back in her chair with her legs … Continue reading Paying For It, Part 2